View in our dreams a hybrid means the merger of two ideas, for example, if our dream we see a white animal that is part horse and part dog, we must first look up the meaning of a white horse and a dog (a white horse means that our desires will be made and a dog represents loyalty primarily) and then we must combine the meanings, in this case:

- To see a white hybrid, half BUTTERFLY AND HALF SPIDER, it means that we are being reckless or careless and that we lack knowledge to avoid traps and deceit, (in this case we combine the meanings of a white butterfly and a spider.) This dream advises us to better analyze the situation and find a way to learn more things that might be useful.

- If in our dream we bite the hand, a hybrid of CROCODILE AND MONITOR LIZARD, represents someone who tries to avoid having partner and usually it is one of our parents or one ex suitor.

- If in the dream we see a hybrid CROCODILE-TORTOISE tells us that we have the courage and sufficient protections to face the situation.

- If we see a DRAGON-MAN in a temple, it means that soon we will find keys or important skills.

- If in the dream we see a hybrid of FLY-ROACH, means that we have bad feelings towards an opponent who is annoying us.

- To see a white HORSE THAT LOOKS LIKE A DOG, that is, a hybrid of horse and dog, means that we will see our wishes carried out because of our loyalty.

- If in the dream we see a hybrid of SPIDER-ELEPHANT, tells us that something we should not forget, so that if we act so careless and reckless, we may fall into a trap or on deception.

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