The hair in our dreams can have several meanings, most commonly it is related to our ideas and thoughts. Another point is its appearance and color, for example, if we see ourselves with hair more silky and long, it means that we have good abilities to succeed; If we see ourselves disheveled, it tells us that we can suffer fraud or embezzlement.....

- ABUNDANT AND LONG hair represents virility, wealth, strength, and well-being.

- If we dream that we are BALD, when and in real life we have hair, it presages loss of friendships.

- VERY CAREFUL, tells us that we are being too superficial.

- The COLOR OF HAIR, tells us something about the person, for example, blonde hair tells us about a good friendship, the black tells us that we have great ability to love, red can mean jealousy or anger, gray (By age), speaks of dignity and wisdom, etc.

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- Hair VERY CURLY, tells us that difficulties are approaching.

- Dreaming of a CHILD WITH CURLY hair, tells us that difficulties come because of an enemy.

- To dream that a woman is CUT HAIRIES, means that we should try harder or otherwise expect failure.

- To dream that a woman is CUT HAIRY BUT THEN BECOMES TRANSFORMED in one of our adversaries, represents a change of situation, and tells us that, that enemy must work harder or wait for failure.

- If someone CUTS THE HAIR COMPLETELY means total ruin.

- If we are DISHEVELED, it augurs, that we can suffer embezzlement or fraud.

- DRY THE HAIR WITH A CLEAN TOWEL, means the end of a problem.

- If we dream that the DYE IS DROPPED from our hair, it means that we have bad thoughts. It may also mean that in addition to having bad thoughts, we are becoming increasingly difficult to hide.

- If we dream that our hair FALLS, it means total ruin.

- If we dream that our hair turns ON FIRE, it means that we are losing control because of our anger.

- If we dream that we have FRIZZY hair, it means that sometimes we get angry a lot for minor things.

- If we dream a person known, who in our day life does not have gray hair, but in the dream we see him with GRAY HAIR, it means that we have respect for that person. But if it is an enemy, then it means that we have too much respect, which does not benefit us.

- If we see ourselves with much LESS HAIR than we actually have, it means losses and misfortunes.

- If in the dream a person does as he combs or touches his hair, at the same time he raises his elbow more than normal, as if he were making an OBSCENE SIGNAL, very discreetly; Represents someone who is hurting us or doing witchcraft in a very discreet way (Note: The sex of the person gives us a clue about who is treated so that if it is a woman, it is because it is a person of sex Female, but if it is a man, then it is male).

- If we dream that we fight with an enemy and we RIP OFF THE HAIR, it means that we will force someone to pay us a debt or fulfill an obligation (If it is someone we know, then it means that it will be that person that we will oblige To fulfill its obligation, or to fulfill the debt). But if it is the enemy who tears our hair, then it means the opposite.

- If in the dream we see with SHORT HAIR (With hair shorter than we have it in reality) it means weakness and lack of character.

- If we see ourselves with SILKY AND LONG hair, it tells us that we have good abilities to succeed.

- If in our daytime we know someone who has curly hair, but in the dream we see it with STRAIGHT hair, means that we will not have any tangles with that person, that is, that will not cause problems or conflicts.

- Dreaming of a UNKNOWN MAN WITH LONG HAIR tells us that we have a very skilled enemy.

- Dreaming that we WASHED HAIR tells us that our ideas are not quite correct or that we should think about something.

- If in our dream we see someone we know with WET HAIR tells us that the ideas of that person are not completely correct.


Body Hair:
- The hair on the chest, arms, underarms, and legs represents virility.
- If we see someone we know, with lots of hair on the body, means that that person is leaving too guided by instinct and sensuality.
- If a man dreams that a woman close to you, with much hair on lips, it means that that person is sexually or implying that this trying to do.
- Our hair (Of the head) represents our thoughts, so that hair is looking good good thoughts, but if this abused, represents the opposite. Show all meanings of dream about Hair.
- If we see hairless us in our dreams, it means that we are weak character.

- If we dream of a hairdresser with scissors, it means that slander and gossip are coming.
- If we dream that the hairdresser cuts our hair and it is too short or that it makes us a very bad haircut, it represents something or someone who may end up leaving us in ruins.

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