Hands on our dream symbolize the possibility of doing something.
But when we remember exactly which hand was then: Right is right; and the left represents the bad unless you are indicating to the south, then it means that we must look for something that is very important.

- Dream to a BABY BITES OUR HAND, represents an enemy who tries to sabotage our plans or projects.

- BIG HANDS THAT LOOK GOOD indicates security in ourselves and business success.

- To dream that your hands are BLACK AND HARD, predicts difficult days.

- If we dream of one DEVIL BITING OUR HAND represents a person who is trying to keep us from doing something, which advises us to put aside our feelings of guilt, and defend our interests well.

- If the thing that we most remember about our dream is that we DID SOMETHING WITH OUR LEFT HAND, it means we are doing something wrong and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

- To dream that we EAT WITH LEFT HAND means we're leaning towards evil, which advises us to correct the path.

- To dream that a GYPSY READ YOUR LEFT HAND means you are dissatisfied with your current life for something that happened in the past.

- If you dream you see the HANDPRINT OF A HAND ON A STONE, tells us that sometimes in order to carry out our purposes we need to stop seeing someone we appreciate and love them for a while.

- If your hands are HAIRY, is that we must have ideals clearer.

- Dreaming that we INFECTED the hand, it means we do something is being difficult.

- If we are carrying a KNIFE IN HAND means revenge, or discussions.
If we are carrying corn in our hands, means good fortune.

- To dream that we bring a NOTEBOOK IN OUR HANDS, tells us that we do not want to leave the past behind.

- If in our dream we see ONE-ARMED means that there is the danger of approaching ruin.

- If in our dream we see an OPPONENT WITH HANDS BACK, means that one of our enemies, has few defenses against what we are doing, and if it is someone you know, the meaning applied to that person.

- If in the dream we HAND EXTENDED WITH PALM TO UP, means that there is someone willing to help.

- To dream that our hand is PARALYZED and especially if we see that is very white, it means that we have lost a battle (a battle not the war) but also tells us that success depends, that we do not resign, and we go fighting for what is ours.

- If we see a ROPE IN OUR HANDS, means we must review the status of our business.

- To dream about to we SEE OUR HANDS means that we lack determination and firmness in our purposes.

- If we see someone we know is SHAKING HANDS IN FRONT OF US (removing dust and dirt from hands), means that the person we have ill will and is plotting something against us.

- To dream that SLIPS OR FALLS TO US SOMETHING out of our hands, means that we are missing an opportunity that relates to the meaning of the thing that is falling out of hand.

- SMALL HANDS, mean that failures if not you stop being reckless or unsafe.

- If in our dream we fight with someone, and we beat him, besides STOMPING HAND, meant that we had a tough fight with our adversaries, but soon we will overcome.

- If we dream that we bring a HIGH TECH INSTRUMENT IN THE HANDS and slip or falls to us, means that we must not lose sight of the technology, because we can be very useful.

- If in the dream, we are TIED hands, it means that someone is trying to prevent us to do something. And if you dream that someone we know ties our hands, it means that person is trying to prevent us to do something.

- If in our dream we see with the HANDS TOGETHER, means that we are too tight.

- To dream that we PUT OUR HAND ON THE TOILET, tell us that we must analyze our problems and respond to them without getting involved in a dangerous or risky.

- If you dream that we WASH OUR HANDS, tells us to clean something or get rid of something.
If you dream that came to a toll booth in which there is a sink and tell us that we must go to wash our hands, means that we clean something or get rid of something in order to move forward (for example: Forget an offense, get rid a bad attitude .....)

- If you dream that we WASH OUR HANDS IN THE TUB, tells us that we must prepare to defend our interests with strength and determination.

- If our hands are very WHITE AND CLEAN, tell us that we will succeed easily.

- If your hands are very WHITE AND HARD or white and rough, augurs temporary difficulties (Usually money difficulties).

- Dream a CHILD THAT HAS INFECTED HAND because a ZOMBIE bit him, represents an enemy who is trying to separate from someone we love and cherish.

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