When we perceive a foul odor, with some exceptions, tells us that something is wrong, but if it is a pleasant smell, then its meaning is good.

- If you dream that suddenly starts to SMELL BAD, it means that something is not right.

- If SOMEONE SAYS THAT SOMETHING SMELLS BAD, is because there someone who is unhappy with something is wrong.

- If you dream that smells like DEAD ANIMAL, tells us that something is wrong, or that something is bothering us and it is because something is not right.

- Dreaming FEET smell us, it means that a change is coming and may be in our work or in life, it can also mean a trip or that we are moving from home.

- If you dream of the smell of a FLOWER OR ANY FEMINE SIGN, signifies sensuality, and luck in love.

- To dream that someone would SMELL BAD MOUTH, augurs gossip.

- If we smell PERFUME OR LOTION, says we will soon have a little Divine help.

- If in the dream smell like POOP, means approaching an opportunity to have some extra cash income.

- If you dream you see TRASH AND SMELLY, it means that there are bad feelings all around and there's something not right.

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