- Dreaming of oranges in GOOD CONDITION means love and marriage.

- If in our dream we see two HALF ORANGES backwards as in this figure:) (depicting a love that could not be, but if we see them looking at each other, like this: () then it means that we will have good luck in love.

- If in our dream we see an orange with an INFLAMMATION (Like when someone has a tumor or inflammation, but in an orange), it means that we must protect our health more and consume more vitamin "C" or a vitamin supplement.

- If in our dream we see just a glass of orange JUICE, it means that soon we will have good health.

- To dream that we DRINK ORANGE JUICE augurs the end of our problems and tells us that soon we will have abundance and prosperity.

- To dream that we are preparing orange juice and suddenly we drop the juice, and juice SPILLS, it means that health problems are coming.

- If we see an orange tree, either with the flowers WILTED or that the oranges hanging in disrepair, means a love that we have not taken advantage or a love that is dying.

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