- To dream of a REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN, means that we will soon receive money.

- To dream that a doctor OPERATES ON THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS, means that we are frustrated by a project that we have not been able to achieve.

- To dream that criminals kidnap someone we know, but then let them go, but we realize that the criminals STEALED ORGANS, means that there is someone who is stealing or causing harm to that known person.
But if in addition, we see the scars, then, the dream tells us that the problem has been caused because that person has had moral faults (If the person known was a child, then it means that, the one who has had the moral faults is one of his parents) here the advice is for that person known or for his parents in his case, and that is, that he corrects those moral faults to avoid revenge and bad luck.

- If it is about BREATHING ORGANSreathing Organs, it means:

    - Of perfect constitution, healthy and vigorous indicates success in our activities.

    - Weak constitution means: bad luck or uncertainty.

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