- If we see the walls painted a COLOR OPAQUE and worn out, it means that things are not quite right in our lives.

- If we dream that we have a DISEASE IN THE EYES and that is why we see it opaque, (But as long as we do not see each other with glasses) it means that we lack the courage to face the difficulties.

- If in the dream we see the window of the bathroom of our house, and we noticed that even though the GLASS IS OPAQUE, it is possible to see a little inwards, it means that in the future we must be more careful in terms of important information, for example: When we talk to someone for a long time, it may happen that although we try to be discreet, the conversation is so long that we run the risk of something coming out, that is, by carelessness we say something or part of something that is best kept in secret.

- If in our dream there is SOMETHING THAT WE DO NOT ACHIEVE TO DISTINGUISH well or we see it opaque, it means that there is someone who is trying to hide something from us, or that there is something we have not understood well; the other things that appear in our dream can give us more details about what someone tries to hide or what we do not understand well.

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