- If in our daytime life we have problems with our business and we dream a weted AD WITH BAD ORTOGRAPHY, it means that if our business does not work it is because our main product is not well done or well presented, for example: In the case of certain foods, they must be made with certain ingredients and served in a certain way, so it is important that it be well done so that people like it.

- If in our dream we see a DOCUMENT with misspellings, it means that we must verify and/or demand that everything be correctly, for example: In contracts and official documents, the names, addresses, numbers and more data must be written correctly and match all related documents, such as minutes, credentials, etc.

- If we dream that we HAVE BAD ORTOGRAPHY or that we do something with bad spelling, it means that there is something that we are doing wrong or something that will not work because there is something that we are not doing well enough.

- If in our dream SOMEONE CORRECT our ortography mistakes, means that we must correct something that has to do with an important issue.

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