Symbolize the infernal spirits or their representatives among us. Dreaming of octopus is a bad omen.

- May be an intimate desire and need to get rid of someone trying to hoard unbearable.

- It may also indicate that we are able to pass through whatever just to get our purposes.

- If we dream of an ALIEN OCTOPUS, it represents a difficult person to bear.

- If a woman dreams that the person she likes, BECOMES AN OCTOPUS, it means that this guy is only thinking about sensuality or at least much more than love.

- To dream of a BLACK colored octopus, it means that we are leaning towards the side of evil, or that we are planning to do something evil.

- To dream of a RIVER FULL OF INK (Like the ink thrown by octopuses), it means that there is a person who will try to defend against us.

- To dream of an octopus WITH THE FACE OF A PERSON who throws his ink at us, represents a person who has bad will because he thinks we are a threat to him.

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