A clown can represent two things, depending on the context of the dream, so that in the positive sense it represents a nice and pleasant person; but in the negative sense it represents a person who behaves inappropriately (Someone who behaves like a fool).

- Dreaming of a clown who BECOMES A MONSTER represents a hypocrite person who also tries to pretend something that is not.

- Dreaming of BEING A CLOWN, warns us to watch our acts and appearances.

- If we dream that a clown LOOKS AT US FROM BACK (He looks at us but only sees our back), that represents a nice person to whom we have not shown appreciation or at least not enough.

- If it is RONALD MCDONALD (The character of the hamburger restaurant chain), it represents someone who is a bad influence for their bad habits. It can also represent a bad counselor.

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- If in our dream SIMPLY WE SEE A CLOWN, it puts us on guard against those relationships that are not worthy of us. But if the dream is very pleasant then it represents a nice and sociable person.

- If we dream that we TRY TO WET A CLOWN with the intention of removing its clown makeup, it means that we want to show someone pretentious and a liar, so that if we manage to drop the makeup it means that it is most likely that let's put that person in evidence, but if we canīt remove the makeup, then it means that it is unlikely that we will be able to unmask it.

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