A clown can represent two things, depending on the context of the dream, so that in the positive sense it represents a nice and pleasant person; but in the negative sense it represents a person who behaves inappropriately (Someone who behaves like a fool).

- Dreaming of a clown who BECOMES A MONSTER represents a hypocrite person who also tries to pretend something that is not.

- Dreaming of BEING A CLOWN, warns us to watch our acts and appearances.

- If we dream of an EVIL CLOWN, it represents a treacherous person who also tends to behave inappropriately.

- If we dream that a clown KIDNAPS us, it means bad luck because of a person who behaves inappropriately.

- To dream about KRUSTY THE CLOWN (The character from the animated series: “The Simpsons”), represents a nice person but who is also a bad influence.

- If we dream that a clown LOOKS AT US FROM BACK (He looks at us but only sees our back), that represents a nice person to whom we have not shown appreciation or at least not enough.

- If it is RONALD MCDONALD (The character of the hamburger restaurant chain), it represents someone who is a bad influence for their bad habits. It can also represent a bad counselor.

- If in our dream SIMPLY WE SEE A CLOWN, it puts us on guard against those relationships that are not worthy of us. But if the dream is very pleasant then it represents a nice and sociable person.

- If we dream that we TRY TO WET A CLOWN with the intention of removing its clown makeup, it means that we want to show someone pretentious and a liar, so that if we manage to drop the makeup it means that it is most likely that let's put that person in evidence, but if we can´t remove the makeup, then it means that it is unlikely that we will be able to unmask it.

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