The closet is related to our possessions. But sometimes it have to do with sexual repression, which, if not controlled, can reach cause sexual identity conflicts.

- If clothing of assorted COLORS, it means we will have good fortune Thanks to our knowledge.

- If we dream that one of our parents holds a DOG IN THE CLOSET, means that they are having problems in their marriage.

- An EMPTY, augure an embarrassing situation because of our lack of foresight. It can also mean, that we lack knowledge to face a difficult situation. - To dream that we HIDE in the closet, tells us that sexual repression and our insecurity can cause many problems. This dream we advised to set aside repression and act more safely to the opposite sex.

- If in the dream we simply see a closet FULL, means prosperity thanks to the work.

- If in the dream we see GHOSTS in the closet, it means that someone is repressing us too much (Sexual Repression). This dream advises us not to allow it.

- If the dream KEEP SOMETHING IN THE CLOSET, means that distrust someone.

- If in our dream we see a LAWYER in the closet, it means that approach any difficulties or conflicts with our possessions.

- If it is a MESSY CLOSET or its content is of poor quality, means that we update our knowledge.

- If you dream you see a MONSTER IN THE CLOSET, means excessive sexual repression. It may also mean conflicts of identity.

- If is full of WHITE CLOTHINGS, and is of good quality, predicts illness or accidents.

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