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Dreams: Cu-Cz

- If we dream of a cub represents a chance to get to have a new love or a new friend, but also tells us that can get to be a difficulty in the future.

A cube and the cubic form in most cases is the stability in general.
- If we dream of objects within a cube of glass or transparent plastic, we must first look up the meaning of the things we see in the cube, and the meaning is, that we are protected from it: for example, if within the cube we see a figure of the god Suti, means we will be protected from confusion or of people who try to confuse us (Because Suti dream, it means that we will go through a period of doubt and confusion).
- If we dream that we are trapped inside a glass cube, it means that someone is doing witchcraft us, so we can not achieve our goals and advises us to be steadfast in our decisions may seem that we are being bad, besides getting a talisman to protect us from any spell.
- A bread in the shape of a cube, and especially if freshly baked, tells us that we have a good stability in general.
- To dram about a old or hard bread with the shape or cube, tells us that if we do not defend our interests, will soon lose our economic stability.

-- If it is an office cubicle, it means the following:
• If in our waking life working in an office cubicle and our dream we are in it, the message has to do with our work and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.
• If we do not work in an office cubicle or is not the cubicle in which we work means that we can be disappointed by the outcome of our efforts.
-- If it is the cubicle of a court, it means that we are concerned about something related to our current situation.

- It means: Frustrated hopes.

- To dream that we hug someone of the opposite sex, but then the cuddle suffocating us, it means that someone appreciate, but we do not like or simply no longer want as a girlfriend or boyfriend.
- To dream that we hug someone of the opposite sex, but then smother it means that someone appreciates us, but I do not like us much, or just do not want us as boyfriends or suitors.
- If we dream to hug someone who left this world, that means the person has become our guardian angel, thanks to the appreciation that we had and that he or she had us also.
- If we dream that hug a a rat, tells us that we be careful with relationships based on mistrust and disloyalty.

To dream of a cudgel, it means we have difficulties in our relationships with people around us.

- Being in a cult, it indicates setbacks.
- See her without being in it, indicates that we take full advantage of the advice they give.
- If you see a cult book, it means that we will have some difficulties caused by someone who joined a cult, because sometimes these people act in a hostile manner towards those who do not accept their beliefs.
- Dreaming of a cult ritual, it means that soon we will have difficulties, unless we end up with a bad habit we have.

- If the land is fertile it means good harvest.
- If the land is arid, it means misfortune and calamities.

- If someone makes us a compliment, we must be wary of the person we see in the dream.
- If we make it a sincere compliment to someone, we get what we want. But if we make a compliment with hypocrisy, it means that we will be humiliated in reality.

- To dream about a cunning, means it is likely that we become used without us realize it.

- A cup of coffee in our dreams, it means that we will succeed in intellectual type jobs.
- If in our dream we see a cup of coffee, but instead of containing coffee, contain counterfeit bills, means that we are concerned because we think we can get to having money problems, but it will not, thanks to our efforts to work intellectual type.

- This dream augurs success professionally and good fortune; at least we see it empty or that it has anything in particular to call our attention and that this has a bad meaning.
- If in our dream we see two hard breads (Old breads) in the cupboard, tells us that to avoid financial difficulties, we must save and prepare to defend our interests.

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The cupholders represent protection and in most cases it tells us that our family relationships are safe.

It means we are venturing into intrigues of love which will not report us any good.

- This dream tells us that we have a bit of divine help.
- It can also be a comfort, good money luck, good luck in the spiritual, or in the familiar.

It means that we are afraid of a negative change or that we are not prepared to face a certain situation.

Curling iron:
If a woman in her dream simply sees a curling iron, it represents her desire to look better before others.

To dream about a curl representing an intense love.
- If we dream that we have the curly hair, when in reality we do not have it that form, it means we complicating things (and if we see someone we know with curly hair when in reality it is not that way , the meaning applies to that person).
But if in our waking life know someone who has curly hair, but in the dream see with straight hair, then, means that we will not tangle with that person, that is, that would not cause us problems or conflicts.
- If the dream we see one of our young sons with curly hair, when in reality he do not have it that form, it means that we are likely to reach to many problems because he is complicating things for us with their lies or misbehavior. r

Currant (Fruit):
- Red, currants announce a faithful and constant love.
- White, pure joys of love.
- Black, carnal loving pleasures.

- If you dream it we curse, it means that the inconstancy of love will keep us from any possibility of understanding with those around us.

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- If we dream that we are wearing damn clothes, it means bad luck. This dream advises us a change of aptitude and a silver amulet.
- If we dream that one of our brothers has a curse, it means bad luck because of a person who has us ill will.

- If we dream that we delete a word using the cursor, we find the meaning of that word, because it means that we got rid of that meaning, the word delete. But if we delete only one letter or part of the word, tells us that we are able to get rid of it the word means, but it depends on us.

- If in our dream we see dirty curtains it means disease.
- Take away the curtains, it means to deepen our understanding of ourselves.
- If we destroy the curtains, it means the same as above.
- If we see the curtains closed, it means that something we're not seeing or not understanding well.
- If we close the curtains, it means there is something we are trying to hide, and if we see someone we know close the curtains that mean the person is trying to hide something.

- Driving along a road or path with many curves, means that our companies or issues will be complicated.
- To dream about we being right in a curve means the same as above.

See a cushion in our dream means that our hearsay or gossip can be used against us. It can also mean luxury and comfort, and that means the first or the second depends on our current situation.
- If in the dream we are lying on cushions, means comfort at the expense of others.
- If in the dream we see a red silk cushion, means good luck in love.

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It represents sweet and pleasant moments.

Custody, child:
- Dreaming that give custody of our children to our ex-wife (husband), means that we think that our children no longer want us, which is unjustified and we still love but do not notice. But if in our waking life we are not married or even have no children but we dream married with children, and give custody to our former partner, means that we think someone does not want us (For example: our spouse, former .....), which is unjustified because even though we still wish we realize.
- If we dream that give us custody of our children, it means that we think that our children continue to love us, which is true. But if we have no children, and dream with us and give us children custody, then, means that we think someone still loves us (For example: our couples, ex .....), which is true.

- It means it's important not to forget the customs and habits of people (Such as habits and religious customs, social, work, or somewhere in particular) because otherwise we may have some difficulties.

- If we see or we stop in front of it, means there will be some difficulties in our activities.
- If we pass customs, means that we will make progress.
- If we fail to pass, means we will have bad luck.
- If someone does not let us pass, means the same as above.

The cut is a sign of an end to something.
- If we cut OURSELVES, it means that we want an end to a difficult situation.
- If we have something PAPERS writing and then cut them with scissors, it means we have a problem with what is written in them, and we want to fix inventing gossip or slander.
- If we see someone we know, cutting with scissors PAPERS, IT MEANS that person is trying to invent gossip or slander upon us to try to get out of a problem. In this case, it is likely to see things from the past or the future, which can give us more details on the matter.
- If we dream that we cut SOMEONE, it means we want to end the friendship of that someone.

This dream tells us that our opponents will be particularly damaging.

by letter.

This sign is related to our studies or our work.
- If we dream we are in an cybercafé looking for our mother, means that we want to have a little help in our work or in our studies.

View an robot or a cyborg, in our dreams means:
This dream advises us that we should not let others care to carry out the work that we perform.
It can also be a tip that tells us that we should be less rigid and mechanical in what we do.
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- To dream that has completed a cycle or someone to say that a cycle is over, it means that something is about to end.

- Seeing a Cyclops in our dream, it means that we must expand our vision.
- If we see a Cyclops old, means that we must expand our view of things such as: Consider several possibilities instead of just one.

It means great happiness in the family and the sentimental.

- If in our dream we see someone behaving cynically or blatant, means it is likely that something or someone makes us a hard time.

It represents success, is also associated to the Divine, if we scale the cypress warns us success in our projects, unless we fall for it.
- If we see a cypress felled, it means that something is wrong in our projects.
- If in our dream we are on top of a mountain and there we see a cypress, means that our projects are good and we will see it done.
- If we see birds in the nest, meaning success and fortune.
- If you see black or nocturnal birds on a cypress, means someone wants to harm us.

This dream tells us that we may be worried about our health or that we will be worried about that reason.

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