View a robot, android, cyborg or similar in our dreams means: This dream advises us that we should not let others care to carry out the work that we perform. It can also be a tip that tells us that we should be less rigid and mechanical in what we do.

- If we dream to ALIEN ROBOTS INVADE us and begin to kill all the people, this means that we still difficult to adapt to our environment.

- If we dream that we BECOME A ROBOT, means that we are starting to act too rigid and mechanical, which does not benefit us.

- If we dream of a robot attacking us, and we try to shoot it, but the GUN LOCKS means difficulty in achieving a better way of doing things (a way less mechanical and rigid)

- If you dream that HAUNTS US A ROBOT, BUT WE FIND ITS WEAK SPOT AND KILL IT, means we will soon find a less mechanical or more human of doing things.

- If in our daytime life we need a certified copy of a document, such as a birth certificate, marriage... and we dream that in the civil registry a ROBOTIC HAND, it gives us false bills (Money bills, but false), It means that even if there are people who have bad will and who would like to steal or alter the document, they will not be able to do so, since that document is perfectly registered, numbered, and in a database, so we will not have money losses, nor of our rights.

- If we see MANY robots, it means that a well-known person is being manipulated by a dishonest organization, such as a destructive cult.

- If in the dream we see a TERMINATOR ROBOT PROGRAMED TO KILL US, represents a dangerous adversary, but also tells us that it is a person too mechanical and systematic, which we must take into account in order to beat him.
But if we see the terminator programmed to kill us, off, means that time we decipher their method of attack and neutralize it, thus we avoid a difficulty.

- If we dream that we fired of our work, and THEN REPLACED US BY A ROBOT, means that there is a danger that we lose our job or that someone replaced by someone else (our girlfriend, pretender, group, team, etc.) because that we are not respecting its rules or regulations, which may be just or unjust, but that would be the reason, if it happens. (For example: When someone or a group to want that others obey its rules rigidly, almost like robots).

- To dream that ROBOTS RULE OUR COUNTRY, or our society, means that we are being led or governed by people without character, easily be manipulated by dishonest individuals or groups.

- To dream of a WAR BETWEEN HUMAN AND ROBOTS means an internal struggle against our taboos.

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