- If you dream it you CURSE, it means that the inconstancy of love will keep us from any possibility of understanding with those around us.

- When our dream we see a young man is an enemy, and when we see a woman, its meaning varies, but there are exceptions, like when SOMEONE CURSES US, since in this case means that someone is trying to harm us in any way, including through witchcraft, and also the dream gives us a clue who it is, so that if a man is because it is a male person, but if a woman, then someone tells us it is female.


Obscene gestures:
- If in the dream we see a person who makes an obscene sign (like when someone raises his elbow against a person) and then threatens us, represents someone who is trying to make ourselves witch or hurt us in some way, and sex, gives us a clue of who it is, so that if a woman is because it is a female person, but if a man, then, is a male person.

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