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Dreams: CH

- To dram about chains, means that our current problems began in the past.
- If we break the chains or the chains is breaks means that problems finally ended.
- If we dream that removed the chins means that we get rid of a problem that started in the past.
- If we put a chain in one door, means that we must not let our business or affairs in the hands of others, because it can bring us problems.

Chain, choke:
If in our dream we see just a dog chain choke, means that a friend is in danger of going to prison.

Chainsaw, Electric saw:
An electric saw means that we want to end a matter in an extreme and radical way.
- If we dream that someone cuts our leg with an electric saw, it means that there is someone who wants to separate us from our partner girlfriend (boyfriend) or someone we like, in an extreme way or using whatever is within reach.

The chairs, armchairs, sofa, love seat, etc., have the same meaning and tell us how is our current situation, depending on their appearance, and what we see in them.

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- If in our dream we see only a piece of chalk, means health problems or money problems.

- If in our dream, we are challenging someone, it means we will have unforeseen obstacles.
- If in our dream, someone challenges us, means we have to make a decision with courage.
- To dream that someone challenges us to do something means that we must make a decision with courage.

This dream tells us that bad luck can surprise us under very different aspects.

- If we dream that we buy chamomile, it augurs a minor illness.
- If we drink it, it means an improvement in our health.
- If we dream that we prepare a chamomile tea because it hurts our stomach, it represents a probable solution to our anger. But if we see that someone else is preparing a chamomile tea, then it means that there is someone who could seek a solution to their anger against us, for example: Accusing or suing us, depending on our current situation.

- If we dream we DRINK champagne, announces satisfaction and joy of living.
- If we cannot drink it, the dream tells us this is difficult to find the joy of life.
- If we dream of the EMOTICON of a closed champagne bottle, it represents the desire to be successful.
- But if we dream of an emoticon of an uncorked bottle of champagne, then it means that we will soon have success and happiness.
- If we dream of a bottle of champagne, but made of PLASTIC, it represents a false victory, in the sense that if we analyze the matter well, we will realize that in reality we have not won anything.
- If we dream of a green plastic bottle of champagne, it means that we should not declare victory yet, since we still have a long way to go to achieve success in a certain matter.

- If we are champions, the dream reveals the desire to use all our energy and skills to succeed in life.
- Dreaming that we are the champion of a sport, it means that we have the ability to succeed.

- If we dream that we contract chancre disease means that we can quickly get to health problems; it can also mean that we are in danger of a disease infect. This dream advises us to be cautious and get an amulet for health.

- Dreaming about change something or someone changes something, be for something else, or place, means that we are concerned about something that is related to the thing changed.

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Change (From: To dream that we have a change in our lives):
To dream that we have a change in our life, it means that we are concerned about our current situation, and also tells us that the future depends on us.

Change (From: The money back to us, when we buy something):
- To dream that we buy something with copper coins and the seller give us bills of change, means it is very likely soon we make a bad investment, which advises us, think through what we're going to invest our money.

It means we are going through a period of confusion and doubt or we need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a case, in addition to taking into account the advice of people who appreciate us.

- If we dream that our ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend) kisses us on the mouth, but we feel very dry or we notice that she(he) has chapped lips, it means that she(he) still loves us and would like to return with us but she is shy or insecure to try to talk to us.

If in our dream we burn with charcoals, means that we expect traps and envy, of which we can hardly escape, but if our dream we see the charcoals, but we do not burn, it means that we will discover the traps in time.
- If we see dull charcoals, means there will be jealous for no reason, and envy.

The characters in films such as: Hulk, El Santo, Chucky, Superman, etc. relate to some of the plot of the film or its story within the film, for example: In the film Chucky, the argument speaks of a voodoo practitioner that through a ritual takes possession of a doll and through him, he spends spoiling and killing everyone, which is why everyone wants to kill Chucky, for that reason, if in our dream we see Chucky, means the continuation of ill will, because of the way we behave towards others.
Sometimes it is also likely that in our dream we see a certain character to we identify with him a lot. r

- If in our daily living have a wife(husband) or girlfriend(boyfriend) who has a physical characteristic that we like a lot, for example: "A beautiful gray eyes" and in the dream we see an actress (actor) who in real life has brown eyes (or any other color than gray), but in the dream we see with gray eyes (or with the characteristic we like most about our wife(husband) or girlfriend(boyfriend), depending on whether the dreamer is a man or woman), means that she(he) feels that we are not recognizing or appreciating enough.
- If in the dream we kissed someone of the opposite sex and remember very well as it was, we must pay attention to their physical characteristics because there is someone who likes us and it is likely that we achieve recognize for some of these characteristics.

This dream augurs luck and good opportunities.

- If in the dream charge something, or we charge someone, it means that there the possibility that a known abuse of our trust.

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This dream tells us not to be fooled by our acquaintances.

In dreams charro represents a respectable person, while a mariachi represents a loser (A charro evokes a legendary warrior, while a mariachi someone who only knows how to sing but would be unable to face a battle).
- If in the dream we see a charro dressed all in black, represents a strong enemy.
- If we dream that we are dressed in charro means that others see us with respect.

If in the dream SEE US or FEEL, PURSUED, in most cases, is telling us that we should be wary of our opponents and enemies, in order to avoid unexpected surprises, here we can help the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.
- If we dream that we are in the jungle and that several wild ANIMALS are chasing us, it is a warning that tells us to be careful with our enemies.
- If we dream that someone is chasing us and kills us, but then we CAME BACK IN TIME to the moment they began to haunt us, means that there is a danger, but the future depends on what we do now.

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- This sign represents virtue and inclination for good.
- Lose chastity symbolizes the dark side of things.

Chat/Chatroom (Online):
This sign is mostly related to love and communication with those around us.
- If we dream we chat with someone we like and not reject us, nor is there any problems in communication, which also means that person likes us.
- If we dream we chat with our girlfriend(boyfriend) and there are some problems in communication, it means that something is wrong in our relationship.

by letter.

- See that something is cheap it represents opportunities that we must seize.
But if the cheap thing is shoddy, says that although things seem easy, in fact they are not, and we seek greater knowledge and do better in order to solve a problem or manage the situation well.
- If in the dream, we arrive at a hotel and when we get the bill, we see that it is cheap, tells us that we have the opportunity of a favorable change and we must seize.
At least then we realize that the hotel is poor, because then it means that to achieve a favorable change should better analyze the situation and make things right, in the latter case, it may also mean that we got something of little value, for example: a friendship hypocrite, a poorly paid job .....

Cheat sheet/Crib sheet:
- To dream that we have a cheat sheet or to we cheat with it means that we must respect social norms.

This dream tells us to review our life.
- If in our dream we see mom with bags and then we noticed that our DAD WILL INSPECT BAGS, means he is watching or caring that she did not do anything bad.
If in addition to the above, do not remember what she brought or did not bring anything out of the ordinary, it means that our mom has the situation under control, but if it happens that the bags had something weird or unusual, it means that she do not has the situation under control and can come to be trouble.
- If we check papers with MANGNIFYING GLASS means that we must review every detail of our business.
- If we dream that we are reading a document (A document that we know in our waking life) but in doing so we realize that what he says is in is a PUN, it means that there is something in that document, which we have not understood.
- If in the dream we check SOMETHING, tells us to review our life.

- If one of the things we remember most about our dream (Note: As for the details, but important we remember clearly), is a CHECKERED GARMENT, tells us that the dream has to do with stability, and relates to the significance of the particular garment.
- If in the dream we see a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN USING A WHITE CHECKERED MINI-SKIRT means that we have stability in our affairs related to love. But if we see the woman to stumble and fall, means that if we do not give more attention to our girlfriend or partner, we may have problems in the future, and also tells us that there is nothing improper in our relationship, so we should not worry about anything.
But If a woman dream, to she dress a white checkered mini-skirt means having the ability to maintain stability in the affairs of love.

This sign represents money worries.
- If someone gives us a check and especially if we charge and give us bills, means money worries or economic hardship.
- If we dream of wet checks, it means difficulties caused by money worries.

- If in our dream we see ourselves with scratches on the cheekbones and near the eye, it means that, there is someone who wants to hurt us because of something we saw or something we noticed.

Cheeks symbolize health.
- Well colored cheeks and soft, mean health and physical well-being.
- If they are sunken and look bad, it means: Probable disease.

- Dreaming of a cheerleader, means that we have to try a little more to get the win.
- If a woman dreams of being a cheerleader means that should be more active and positive to succeed.

To dream of cheese means that our resources will reach a sufficient level to allow us to contemplate the future with serenity.
- If we see a plate on our table and see that it has a cheese, but we also notice that the plate has cheese figures, it means that we will not have to worry about money, since we are doing very well in that regard.
- But if we dream of a cheese, it is in bad shape or has a bad taste, it predicts money inconvenience.

- If the cheetah is aggressive, tells us that we have a more peaceful and friendly attitude towards others. It may also mean that we are pushing others to do things too fast.
- If the cheetah is not aggressive, tells us that we are facing the situation with courage and speed, and also advised us to continue that way.
- If we see a drowned cheetah, means that we must do things more quickly and courage.
- If you see an injured cheetah, means the same as above, that is, we must do things more quickly and courage.

- Means that we increased our assets in addition to good health, can also mean that we have the capacity and ability to choose the way we want in life, as we learned from our experiences, giving us the possibility of make make a good destination.

This dream tells us that actions are being prepared whose consequences could affect us.

- If we dream of a school's chemistry laboratory, it means that things do not go according to our hopes, because of the actions of our enemies, such as: Intrigue, gossip, witchcraft and/or politics. This dream advises us to study the situation better and prepare ourselves more, in order to counteract the evil actions of our enemies.

- If we dream that we cherish to two kittens represents a blossoming friendship as well as possible joys, but also tells us that we must prioritize our interests, even if they're being evil or too severe.

Augured good luck, it can also mean: wishes made.
-If we eat an ice cream garnished with a cherry, and besides it tastes nice, and we eat all the ice cream, it means good luck in love.
- If we dream that we ordered a cherry sundae at an ice cream vendor, but it does serve or prepare it wrong, for example: ice cream mix old with new, or beats it all, it means that we have not done well in the love, plus it's easy to make things worse or even ruin it even more.

This dream warns us that the problems we may have will end soon, we must also pay attention to their expression, because if a cherub is upset, it means that we are doing something wrong, and if he is happy, it means that everything is fine.

This dream tells us that there will be the opportunity for an association that can be of use to us.

- The chess symbolizes the struggle and strategy.

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- If in our dream we see a king bed or fallen on the chess board, advises us to change our strategy, because otherwise we expect failure, and the meaning of the other things we see in dreams can give us more details.
- A chessboard without any parts, tells us that we need to develop a good strategy.

- To dream that we chew something we do not like, it augurs us that we must face something unpleasant. The same if in sleep we have difficulties in swallowing.

This dream tells us concern for perfection and detail, which is good, as long as something does not become exaggerated.
- Chop stone with a chisel is a sign of masculinity, if who bites the stone is a man represents something good, but if a woman tells us that sometimes or behaves can get to behave inappropriately for your sex.

Chicharron (Pork rinds):
- If we dream to buy chicharron, it means approaching problems, but if we do not buy, then, means that we will not have difficulties, but even so we should not trust too much.

- The chickpeas in our dream, augurs wealth and good things.
- To dream that we want to freeze chickpeas for not deteriorate, it means we want good things last longer.

- If a man dreams that a woman COOKS chicken meat and the dish looks good, it means prospects of happiness and possibilities of marriage.
- If in the dream we see a chicken with FANGS and it bites us, it represents a person or situation that we can not control or that we are not knowing how to control, and in most cases it is one of our children or a relative small.

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- View a brood of chicks reveals the need or desire or marriage and maternity.
- If the chicks with a hen appears threatening to not allow us to approach them is to appear obstacles and problems of the families that will hinder and delay our desires.

Chihuahua dog:
The Chihuahua dogs, represents loyalty, support, guidance and fidelity.
- To dream about a brown or beish Chihuahua dog to jumps into our arms, means the possibility of a new love.
- Also see: “Dog” because their meaning can be equally applicable to dream Chihuahua mix dog.

Difficult times and all kinds of difficulties.

- The dream of a child, sometimes lets us see our inner child, and when we see a child struggling with an adult, it means that we are an internal struggle about our personality, we must pay attention to Other signs of sleep, to better understand the situation.

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Child custody:
- Dreaming that give custody of our children to our ex-wife(ex-husband), means that we think that our children no longer want us, which is unjustified and we still love but do not notice. But if in our waking life we are not married or even have no children but we dream married with children, and give custody to our former partner, means that we think someone does not want us (For example: our spouse, former...), which is unjustified because even though we still wish we realize.
- If we dream that give us custody of our children, it means that we think that our children continue to love us, which is true. But if we have no children, and dream with us and give us children custody, then, means that we think someone still loves us (For example: our couples, ex...), which is true.

- If a child dreams that a known person delivers him to a child-kidnapper, it means that he fears that acquaintance will harm him. This dream is advice to be prudent and not trust that person.
- If a child dreams that someone kidnaps him, it means he will have bad luck, it can also mean that there is a near danger.

- If in the dream we see a childhood friend (Either as he was at that time or as an adult), whom we have not seen since, means there is something we must remember that time as it can be an experience or something that happened to us then, as we can be helpful at this time.
- If we dream that we are seeing a photograph of our childhood, but noticed it we are with a deformed face, it means that we are concerned that others may come to know or find out something from our past, and we fear that could change the way when they see us.

If we are not children and we dream we do very childish things, it means that we need to mature, or that we are behaving immature.
- If we are no longer children, and we dream we had a drink with a straw child (like those coming in drinks for children), that tells us that we lack maturity.
- If in our dream we see someone we know (Someone woman), and noticed that wears too much makeup, but also is made up of infantile form (For example: Pink Sheets), the dream tells us that it is likely that person deceive us or confuse us, but it is partly because of their immature attitude.

- If you dream of chiles, chili or some food, it means that we are too angry about something that has little importance.
- If in our dream we see chili peppers or some food with chili, and other things that have a negative meaning, tells us that if we do not take precautions will suffer an upset, for example: If we see paper-money with chili, tells us that if precautions we suffer an upset and lost money (the paper money means economic difficulties).

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The chimera is a mythological monster with a lion's head and a dragon's tail, representing the perverse.

This dream tells us that we must leave fantasies behind.

- To dream about a chimney of a factory announces successful in our business.

The chimpanzee reflects our instinctive personality and is a call for us to develop our personality to a higher level.

Means fragility in our relationships.

Chip, computer:
If it works, it means that all is well if it works it is not because something is wrong.
Unless we use it for a bad purpose because then the meaning depends on the context of the dream, for example: If you dream that we will put a chip on our video game to see illegal discs, then it means that we should respect more social norms.

Chip, cell phone (the chip that contains our phone number):
- To dream of buying a new cell phone chip means that we want to completely break with the past (For example: With an ex) and/or start something new.
- If we dream that an assailant takes away our cell phone, but we tell him to at least leave us the chip, to which the thief agrees and gives it to us, it means that there is someone who just wants to get us away from our girlfriend (boyfriend), it is that is, it is someone who does not want to steal our girlfriend (boyfriend) but only to get away from her/him, at least for a while.
- If we dream that we have a phone with two chips, it means that there are two people who like us.

- To dream about someone being chivalrous means that we must be more polite toward others.

- To dream that we infect us of chlamydia, it means we can soon get to health problems; it can also mean that we are in danger of infect a disease. This dream advises us to be cautious and get an amulet for health.

- View chlorine in our dream, means marital discord.
- If in our dream we see that one of our brothers enters to the kitchen with a bottle of bleach on hand, tells us that what we are doing can cause marital discord or a discord with our couple.

- View or eat in our dream chocokrispis tells us that soon came to our pain relief and there will be happiness and good fortune in our family.

- If the chocolate is present in our dreams, means that there will be happiness and good fortune in the family. At least there were other signs that would be contrary, for example, that chocolate was bitter, then it would mean that we must overcome some problems that have complete happiness in our family.
- If in our dream we see a wrapped chocolate brown and purple means there will be happiness and prosperity in our family.

Chocolate chips:
To dream about a chocolate chips cookies means we have happiness in the family, but with some economic hardship but may also be in a slump.

Choke on:
To dream that we choke on food means that we must be careful with excesses (getting too angry, working too much, etc.), as we could get into trouble.

- If in our dream we chose the stairs instead of using an elevator, it means we've made the right decision or the right way to do something, which will take us to success, too, may mean that we beat the competition.
- If we dream that we must choose between several options, says it is important to analyze the situation and see what is more we must do.

A cooked chop, mean happiness and good luck, but if this crude, then, means suffering.

Choquilla (From: Penetrating and unpleasant taste, for example, the flavor that has the egg, when is undercooked):
- If we dream that we are eating something and suddenly we choquilla promises us, that we will face something unpleasant or unpleasant situation.

If we dream about crucified Christ, it represents the confusion, and tells us that there will be sadness and suffering.

- If in our dream we see a Christmas tree very well decorated and with its lights on, (But as long as we do not see in the figures related to a nativity) it means joy in our family and prosperity.
- If in our dream we see a well decorated Christmas tree, but with its lights off, (But as long as we do not see in the figures related to a nativity) the dream tells us that we need to do something to achieve joy in our family and prosperity.

Christmas bonus:
This dream augurs ingratitude.

Chrome plated:
It tells us that there is falsehood and hypocrisy in our circle of friends.

Predicts upcoming news.

It tells us that intervention in one of our business requires vigilance and readiness.

Chucky (The character in the movie of the same name):
- This dream may be because you have been watching horror movies or have been practicing evil rituals. Even are people who impress much with chucky movie and every time they see having nightmares.
- If we have not done any of the above, it means the continuation of envy, ill will, or gossip and bad faith, and partly due to the way we behave toward others.

Chupacabras/Goat sucker:
To dream about chupacabras or goat sucker, means there is a person who wants to exploit or take advantage of us in some way. It may also mean that there is a scurrilous spirit that wants us to absorb vital energy (in this case we recommend placing a silver coin in our pillow).

This dream tells us that we will soon see made our wishes and hopes, and if it is a picture of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) means that our luck will be greater, but in it we see a crucifix : it is a bad sign , especially if the image is unpleasant , because in that case means or confusion and suffering.
- To dream that ASK US TO GET OUT of the Church, for whatever reason, is a complex of unjustified guilt.
- Dreaming with the DEMOLITION OF AN OLD RUINED CHURCH means that we have saved from danger.
- If we see a church or sanctuary from the FAR and not approaching us, it means disappointment.
- If we dream that we was LEFT STANDIGN on the day of our wedding means fear of rejection, this dream advised us to have more confidence in the opposite sex.
- Dreaming a church in RUINS, tells us that soon attend a funeral.

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Churros (From: A kind of doughnut):
- Dreaming old churros, means poverty because of our lack of foresight. What advises us to be cautious, be prepared for anything that may arise, plan a better strategy, and analyze the situation or better.

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