If in the dream SEE US or FEEL, PURSUED, in most cases, is telling us that we should be wary of our opponents and enemies, in order to avoid unexpected surprises, here we can help the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.

- If we dream that we are in the jungle and that several wild ANIMALS are chasing us, it is a warning that tells us to be careful with our enemies.

- If we dream that someone is chasing us and kills us, but then we CAME BACK IN TIME to the moment they began to haunt us, means that there is a danger, but the future depends on what we do now.

- If we dream a DEMON haunts us , it means there is something wrong that we did this torment , That is , a guilt complex that does not leave us alone, but if we wake up screaming or crying may be evil spirits that we visit our dream, especially if soon we get sick or difficulties. This dream suggest we light a candle of red or blue color to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), in addition to show no fear and be brave, because the value and trust in our Divine Lady makes evil weakens.
And if a child dreams of a demon haunts him(her) and his(her) friend, it means that he feels guilty for something he did with his friend, it can also mean that your friend is inducing he to doing something wrong. This dream advised us to seek other type of friendships.

- If we dream that the HUSBAND(WIFE) of someone we know, chasing us with a sword, means to that person is jealous because his(her) partner is cheating with us.

- Dreaming about a MONSTER CHASING US, it means that something can go wrong, or we can be disappointed.

- If we dream that a MULE chasing us, tells us to we should avoid being too rebellious, as that attitude can get us to cause problems in the future.

- If you dream that a PATROL chasing you, it means that we feel that we have done something wrong it can also mean that we should not do good things that seem bad.

- To dream that a SHADOW chasing us, means that one of our enemies are planning to do us harm, which advises us to be cautious.

- If we dream that a SNAKE chasing us, Represent bad things and do not know how to escape it, it can also mean that someone is trying to get us to gossip and we do not know what to do to solve the problem. But if we succeed in escaping means avoid the problem.

- To dream that a THIEF haunts us, tells us to beware of our enemies because they can steal us something important.

- If WE ARE THE PURSUERS, it means that our decisions may be incorrect, so it is a call to analyses the situation and not be complacent.

- If we dream that CONSTANTLY ZOMBIES chase us but never kill us, means that we fear a separation (For example: A divorce, to end our partner, a family member is away from us, someone leaves us, etc.) and as the zombies do not kill you, additionally means that nothing has happened yet but continuous latent danger.

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