- If together with the chicks we see a BROODY AND THREATENING HEN that does not allow us to approach them, it means that obstacles and problems caused by family members will appear that will hinder and delay our desires.

- If a man dreams that a woman COOKS chicken meat and the dish looks good, it means prospects of happiness and possibilities of marriage.

- If in the dream we see a chicken with FANGS and it bites us, it represents a person or situation that we can not control or that we are not knowing how to control, and in most cases it is one of our children or a relative small.

- If we see bags of GARBAGE and we notice that there are rubbish in roasted chicken, it means that there is someone who has ill will, because we reject it (For example, an ex).
But if we see those bags inside our house and we take them out to be taken by the garbage truck, then it means that we are controlling the situation well.

- If in our dream we see Kentucky chicken (KFC), it means that there is certain knowledge that it is better to keep secret (This sign is related to the fact that that brand kept its secret recipe for a long time, and with this it managed to be an important brand, hence the relationship).

- See a NEST of chickens, reveals the need and desire for marriage and/or motherhood.

- If in our dream we see the SKELETON of a chicken, it means that we are having some difficulties in our family. But if we only see chicken bones means that we are going through a period of pessimism and has to do with our family or sentimental issues.

- To dream of CHICKEN STOCK, means happiness in the home and/or in sentimental matters.


- View a brood of chicks reveals the need or desire or marriage and maternity.
- If the chicks with a hen appears threatening to not allow us to approach them is to appear obstacles and problems of the families that will hinder and delay our desires.

- If the dream in a group or in their pen means backbiting and gossip.
- If the hen is laying eggs announces profits.
- If the hen is hatching eggs and white is forecast many benefits but small.
- If the hen is black announces small problems.

Symbolizes vigilance, courage, violence, or inordinate desire.
- To dream of a rooster announces good luck.
- Hearing a rooster crow, betokens the realization of our desires.
- If we dream that a rooster attacks us, or we see a cock fight, portends domestic disputes due to jealousy.
- To Kill a rooster, foretells bad luck.
- If in the dream we see someone we know with a rooster (Which carries with it a rooster), means that we must be careful with that person, and he tried to impose something according to their thinking, even by force (For example: A friend, boss, husband, girlfriend, etc.).

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