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- If in the dream CHARGE SOMETHING, or we charge someone, it means that there the possibility that a known abuse of our trust.

- If in the dream CHARGE AND WE PAY ANYTHING means that there is possibility that a known abuse of our trust. The same means if we pay with pure bills, although in the latter case, also can mean money difficulties.

- If SOMEBODY CHARGE US, SOMETHING, means there is the possibility that know someone who abuse our trust.

- If in the dream SOMEONE CHARGE US, A FAVOR, means there is a possibility that someone we know abuse our confidence, or that we should not rely too much on someone who know.

- If in our dream SOMEONE CHARGES US MORE THAN RIGHT, means that it is important to defend our interests.

- If we dream that DO NOT CHARGE TO GO TO A PLACE (a place we want go), ie let us go free, means that we should not trust too much on the promises of someone we know.

- If in the dream, we are in a SUPERMARKET, and whatever else catches our attention, are charge sites, tell us that in life we pay a price for everything we have and possess. But if we buy something, then, we see: "Buy".


- To dream that you wish to buy a red shirt with the logo of a horse, tells us to work harder to achieve win a major battle, at least in the dream buy the shirt, as then it means that you have the means and courage to win the battle.

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