In most cases, what we buy in a dream, do we get and is related to the meaning of what we buy (If you buy something have a good meaning, is what we will achieve gain. But if buy something with a bad meaning, then, means that we rid of that it means). Another case is when the dream we are able to buy something, but we do not buy, then is that we are failing to get (if we do not buy something that has a good meaning represents what we are failing obtain. But if we do not buy something that has a bad meaning, then we say what you have done away).

- Buy CLOTHING, means need for security, and comfort.

- If you buy FRUITS, means disappointment in love.

- If you buy FURNITURE, augurs a favorable financial position.

- If buy NEW THINGS, and are useful, augurs a period of benefits.

- If we want to buy something but do NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to bring, means there is something that we are failing to obtain, for any reason that we are not trying hard enough or because there is still something we to be done.

- If you dream you want to buy something (something that has a good meaning), but tell us that we can NOT SELL THAT, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT SOLDIERS or MARINES, then there is something we are not managing to get (which is related to the meaning of what we want sell) for the reason that we are disobeying a superior law either that comes from God or ourselves.

- Buy an OBJECT ALREADY HAVE, means risk of financial difficulties.

- To dream that you wish to buy a red SHIRT with the logo of a horse, means that we must work harder to achieve win a major battle, at least in the dream buy the shirt, as then, you already have the means and courage to win the battle.

- If in our daily living we do not need new SPORT SHOES, and we bought in a dream, it means that we are concerned about issues money or because if any come to soon.

- If in the dream we are in a store and buy something, but TELL THERE THAT DO NOT SELL THAT, and so we departed and went to another store, but the dream is over before we get, means that our future is uncertain.

- VEGETABLES: disputes at home.

- If dream that we are in a MARKET, AND BUY SOMETHING OF WITCHCRAFT, means we have been trying to do sorcery to achieve anything we want, but achieve nothing and the price is very high. This dream we advised to stop do those things, and get rid of anything related to it as pentacles and voodoo things, to avoid loss of money and or unpleasant situations.

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