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Dreams: Cd-Ce

- To dream about CD, tells us that we need to strive more to fulfill the task entrusted to us.
- If we dream we bought a CD and we realize that this defective, tells us some to approach some difficulties to accomplish the task that has been entrusted to us.

CD player:
The meaning of this dream will depend on what we hear, so if what we hear pleases us, it means happiness; but if we don't like it, then it means that a problem is approaching.

Climb a cedar means that we will succeed in our projects; if we fall cedar: The opposite, if we cut, warns of potential dangers in our projects; if this deteriorated cedar is that we should pay more attention to what we do, if cedar is lush is that all is well.
- If we see a cedar felled, it means that something is wrong in our projects.
- If in our dream we are at the top of a mountain and there we see a cedar, it means that our projects are good and we will see it done.
- If we see birds in the nest, it means success and fortune.
- If we see black birds or nocturnal birds in the cedar, means someone wants to harm us.

Cedar wood:
- To dream about of precious woods, means good fortune and money luck.
- Sometimes it may mean that we are being too proud.

- The ceiling is related to our ideals and principles.

Cell (From: Of a prision):
This dream tells us that there may be changes in our life.
- If the door is open, or the police are friendly to us, means that the change will be soon.
- If there is despair or violence in the dream, tells us that change will be against our will.
- If the police or guard, is not friendly, or this dark, means that we must analyze the situation well and our behavior.
- If we escape from prison indicates good luck.

A cell phone in our dream is mostly love, but sometimes can be related to communication with those around us.
- If you use a cell phone, no problems, the dream is related to love, and the message is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.
- If in our dream we can not communicate by cell phone, means that we fear the impossibility of a relationship.

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Cell Phone Case:
- If we dream that we carry a cell phone in our hand and notice that it does not have its Cell Phone Case, it means that there is a danger, but it is in our hands to be able to avoid it (In the sense that while there are phones against bumps and falls, it happens that there are still many phones that need your protector, and the idea of the dream is that the phone was missing something).

Cellophane paper:
Transparent cellophane paper, like plastic wrapping, is equivalent to an obstacle, for example if we see something wrapped in it, it means that we have an obstacle to achieve that which means what is involved, unless we remove the cellophane paper, because then, it means that we will reach it.
- To dream of a lollypop covered with transparent cellophane paper, means that there is an obstacle that is not allowing us to reach our goals, and most of the time it has to do with love.
- If we dream that we cover old bread that has a cubic shape, with cellophane, it means that we are putting obstacles to ourselves, which advises us to act decisively and defend our interests in order to avoid economic instability.

Cells for text:
- If we see tables or cells, tells us to organize our information, (fill, send some information or something related to certain information).

Cells, solar:
- If the solar cells work well, it means we're doing well, and we have the energy and determination it takes to make things right.
- But if the solar cells do not work well, it means that we lack willpower to do things

- This dream tells us everything we needed to prepare the future in good condition.
- But if we dream, we buried bills, and I covered with cement, it means that if we do not plan well our future, we may get to see in money difficulties.

Cement board:
The cement board, like the drywall, is used to build walls, but it is not as resistant as a normal wall, so dreaming of a cement board means that we lack security, or that we are afraid to do something.

Cement mix:
- If we dream that we buried money (In bills) on the floor and cover it with cement mix, it tells us that if we do not plan our future well, we can get to see economic difficulties.

- If you dream frequently with a cementeries may be a neurosis, ie that something is affecting us too, look forward, so if we can still do something, then it is best to rest a bit and then analyze it the situation to attack the problem in the best shape, but if we can not do anything, then we recommend leaving the past behind and look toward the future.

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- It tells us that we can be the subject of malevolent intent.
- If in our dream we see a picture censored on television as when distorting an image or part of it to prevent something looks, tells us that there is a danger or risk, which advises us to be prudent, or just do not risk it too.

Dream about a centaur, tells us that our responsibilities provoke us disorders.

- Be Measured with someone else, it is a warning of potential conflicts do not want, so the dream tells us that we must analyze the situation well.
- If we see another person, measuring something, is a warning that we will be watched and criticized, and if in our dream are several people taking action means we will be observed and critiqued by several people.

This type of insects are associated with the dark side.
- If you dream about a centipedes, warns of a possible danger, and is a warning not to be careless or reckless.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):
- If we dream a CIA agent ask us anything, it means that there is a corrupt official (someone dishonest who works in government) that we are trying to investigate. What advises us to be discreet on important issues.

by letter.

It tells us that we must take precautions in managing our budget.

The grain is considered a negligible either. It means wealth and successful completion of work. The wealth is proportional to the amount of cereals dreamed likewise, what happens to the cereal, for good or bad, is what will happen to our wealth.
- Dreaming of cereals on the bed promises a next pregnancy.

To dream that we are in a ceremony means that to achieve what we want, we must sacrifice a little.

This dream tells us how skilled we are to face our opponents or a situation.
- If we dream a certificate of studies in which we have low grades, means that soon we will face an opponent who has more knowledge than we thought, or a tricky, so it is advice to not trust and strive more.
- To dream that we misplaced our high school certificate and for that reason, we will have to take the high school again means that we must better analyze the situation, because we are not yet sufficiently prepared. But if we instead of take the high school again, but if we take instead of the high school again, will the open high school or adult education, to make it faster, tells us that we are frustrated with some circumstances that we face and we would have taken advantage of our education or more have gone further, but also tells us to look where we know it can be a solution, as it can be a specialization course, a book, tips, a Web page, and so on.

Cervical Collar:
If we are in the dream with a cervical collar, means that one person is trying to separate us from someone or something

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