- If you dream frequently with a cementeries may be a neurosis, ie that something is affecting us too, look forward, so if we can still do something, then it is best to rest a bit and then analyze it the situation to attack the problem in the best shape, but if we can not do anything, then we recommend leaving the past behind and look toward the future.

- You can be the consequence of our sadness due to a recently departed relative or friend of this world, in which case the most important thing is to help them get to Heaven without problems, such as through our prayers, for example: We burn an incense stick and say the following prayer: “Oh God/ let the Coyolnahual / guide the soul of my (father, mother, friend, uncle, grandfather, as applicable) /to you /that I promise you love/ and make your fast/”. The Coyolnahual is the angel that among its functions is to bring the lost souls to Heaven.

- In other cases indicates that we are going through a period of uncertainty and doubt.

- Could also mean: Yearning of the past.

- IF RECENTLY IF A FAMILY MEMBER OR A FRIEND left this world, and our dream is a cemetery, and at the entrance we see our friend or relative as a child as well as being at night, means that it is precisely he(her), who visit us in our dream to say goodbye and tell us what has become an angel (The night, tells us that our loved one, left this world, but seeing it as a child, means that he(she) is an angel); There are cases where it is someone we have not seen in a while, and visit us in dreams to warn us that recently left this world, but that is fine, since it has become an angel.

-If we dream of a WEDDING IN A CEMETERY, means that we feel overwhelmed by the death of someone. But if we do not know of the death of someone we know, means that died a friend or someone we know.

- If we dream to travel in a TRAIN, AND SEE A CEMENTERY BY THE WINDOW, means we are going through a period of doubt and uncertainty.

- If we dream we travel on a TRAIN AND BY TEHE WINDOW WE SEE A CEMNTERY, AND WE REALIZE THAT WE ARE ARRIVING at a station, means we are going through a period of uncertainty and doubt, because it approaches the end of a stage in our life , and are concerned about not knowing if all ended well or ill.

- If in the dream we see a HOUSE WITH A CEMENTERY INSTEAD GARDEN, means that something is affecting us too much, or that things may get even worse.


When we see in our dream, just one corpse, tell us the end of something such as a business, a project, a love, a friendship; depending on the other signs that accompany our dream.

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- If you dream of someone who has already died, and if it were a prophetic dream (see: Good Magic-Dreams), then it is that person who visits us in our dream to give us an important message that we must take into account.
- If you are a normal dream, and see someone already dead, we should pay attention to his expression, he is angry is because we feel guilty about something related to that person if it means annoying that we have overcome his departure.
- If you dream of a family member or friend who has departed from this world, for example, our great-grandfather (a), and then, shortly thereafter, during the morning we have another dream where we are crossing a road surrounded by trees, where suddenly some cars accelerating and we have to run, making crossing the street safely, it means that our great-grandfather or great-grandmother and is in Heaven and we have visited in dreams.
- If we see a relative or friend who has departed from this world, who gives us advice that is directly related to our current situation means that it is that person who visits us in dreams, in this case what we say, is exactly what we are counseling.
- If in our dream we see or read an obituary, it means the end of our principles or an old ability.
- If in our dream we see a grave, means that we are facing tough times, or uncertainty.
- Also see "Corpse".

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