When we see in our dream, just one corpse, tell us the end of something such as a business, a project, a love, a friendship; depending on the other signs that accompany our dream.

- If in our dream we see a BLOODY CORPSE AND WRAPPED WITHIN THE TRUNK of a car (especially if it is a nightmare) tells us we need a change in our lives, whether in economic, family, work, business or work.

- If we see a corpse WITH OPEN EYES and noticed that they are COMPLETELY BLACK (all black and without the white part to have normal eyes), tells us that something can go wrong by due to be calling or requesting the help of evil spirits, for example: Playing with the Ouija board, through rituals.....

- If the dream we see a POOL in the kitchen and noticed that there is a corpse in the background, tells us that there is a danger that one of our projects done very badly, which advises us to analyze things through before move on (leave the project or correct what we doing wrong, depending on whether the that suits us to do). .

- If we see a corpse in the STREET, COVERED WITH A SHEET, tells us that we mistrust or insecurity in a matter or business, and also tells us that there is a danger to us or our families.

- If WE ARE THE CORPSE, it means our desire to end a situation that bothers us.

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