A cell phone in our dream is mostly love, but sometimes can be related to communication with those around us.

- If you dream that BURNS A CELL PHONE while someone or we try to apply it, the dream augurs or discussion of problems and lack of communication.

- If in our dream we CAN NOT COMMUNICATE by phone, means that we fear the impossibility of a relationship.

- If you dream you read an E-MAIL from our cell phone, tells us that we will receive news soon, but remember well what he said, means that we have an important finding that relates to what we read.

- To dream that you need to make a call, but we FORGET TAKE YOUR CELL PHONE, means lack of love and understanding.

- If you dream that we went to the INTERNET from our cell phone, and found something useful, it means that we found something we can be helpful, but also tells us we need to talk about it with someone or seek more communication.

- If NO COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS or there is not has a negative message, it means that our relationship is good, but if the message is negative, it means that something is wrong in our relationship.

- If we see someone else get a PHONE CALL, can be a warning, depending on the meaning of what is said, that is, we find that mean the words that are spoken.

- If you hear RINGING CELL PHONE, no answer, means dangerous relationships with people who only seek their own benefit.

- If we see someone else get a call, and say him that SOMEONE HAS DIED, means that something can go wrong, if not fear precautions.

- If you dream that TOOK A PICTURE WITH A CELL PHONE means that we have a great interest in the person photographed or attraction to what we photograph, but also tells us we need to talk about it with someone or seek more communication and relates with whom or what we photograph.

- Dreaming about a place we walk by and suddenly we see an obstacle that prevents us from keep going, but we TRY TO USE A CELL PHONE FOR HELP, means that soon we will face obstacles, but at the same time advises us not to surrender and seek better communication with those who can help.

- If you USE A CELL PHONE, NO PROBLEMS, the dream is related to love, and the message is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

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