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Dreams: Cr

-- To dream of a crab that is between us and a person of the opposite sex, it can mean:
• If we see the crab walking towards us, or someone thrown the crab to us, it means that we must step back and exercise caution.
• If we see that the crab walk or is thrown to other person, it means that we must listen and follow our feelings.
-- Dreaming of a crab that is between us and someone else of the same sex means that there are people who try to put obstacles in order to prevent towe achieve our goals.

Crab louse:
Crabs louse in our dreams represent very tedious and difficult people.
It may also mean that we must be careful with sex, to avoid getting infected with venereal disease.
- If in the dream we see our bed full of crab louses, it is a warning that tells us to be careful with irresponsible or unreliable people, and relates to matters couple. It may also mean that we must be careful with sex because there is a danger that we get a venereal disease.
- If we dream of crabs louse with shape as crabs, it represents a person who is hassling, taking too much advantage of a certain situation or business.
- If we dream that we take off crab louse, it means that we get rid of a person who was such a nuisance.

- If in our dream we see cracked walls and buildings, it means probable difficulties because of our lack of confidence in ourselves, which advises us to act more safely.

- To dream that we eat a cracker augurs poverty because of someone having us ill will, in this case the dream advises us to get a good amulet to prevent ill will affect us that someone.
But if it is a package containing aluminum packaging crackers means someone wants to force us to have money problems (As may be someone trying to sabotage any way for us to have money problems).

- If we fall by a crag, it augurs us great difficulties.
- If we avoid falling down a crag, it means that we will avoid a difficulty.

It means inability to solve certain problems.

Crane (The bird):
It symbolizes longevity and maximum purity.
- If we see them, flying in pairs announce, increase in family or marriage.
- If the crane fly alone, to us, that warns us against thieves.

- This dream means that soon we will help to achieve our projects.
- To dream that someone wants to run over us with a crane, it means that someone of our work that is trying to commit an outrage against us or who wants to abuse us, in the workplace.

See "Collide"

Dreaming of a crater is the danger of falling into a difficulty.

- To dream that we wear one cravate, means we must not be too conformist with whom we love and cherish.
But if we remove one cravate, means that we will go through some problems in our current situation.
- If a woman sees in her dream a honey-colored cravate, means she will have good luck in love.

Dream cracks, it means that we can suffer losses of all kinds, and among larger the cracks, the greater the losses.

- Going crazy means that we will be in agitated periods where events can be adverse.
- Seeing other people crazy, means that bad actions are being prepared against us.

This dream, means that some obstacles ahead.

Predict great happiness or luck with money.

Cream, coametic:
- If in the dream we get facial cream on our face, it means that we are good people and we have good intentions. But if we see someone we know putting facial cream on his(her) face, then the dream tells us that this person is good and has good intentions.

Cream Cheese/Philadelphia Cheese:
It represents prosperity, especially if we eat it.

- Dreaming that have creativity, means good luck in money, spiritual, family and or work.
- Dreaming that we have no creativity or someone tells us that we have no creativity means we need more ability to achieve our goals.

It means money difficulties ahead.

This dream tells us that we will receive bad news.

It represents an aspect of ourselves that we are trying to suppress or something we want to eliminate from our life.
But if we dream that we are cremated, then, it means that something may end badly or that the problems are overwhelming us, can also be a reflection of our mood (Usually pessimism or depression).

- If in our dream we descend a staircase leading to a crematorium, tells us there is something we are trying to suppress or something we want to eliminate from our life, we also have restless, we must analyze the situation well. But in the dream, after lowering the crematorium, we came back and got out of it means that we are able to get out of trouble, though this will depend on our determination and good analysis of the situation.

Crème caramel:
Indicates that we are being too docile and flexible.
- If in our dream we see a crème caramel with the yin-yang sign, means that we should be neither too complaint nor too severe but moderate thing.

If in the dream we eat sweet crepes and it tastes nice means pleasures.

Crib, Baby cot:
If in our daytime life we don't have children and we dream that we have a child, which we see in a crib, it represents our desire to be father(mother).
But if in the dream we see a crib with an unknown baby, then it means we have a dangerous enemy.
- If we see the HOUSE WHERE ONE OF OUR ENEMIES LIVES, and we observe that in one of the rooms there are several baby cots in which there are babies, it means that our enemies are planning something that can cause us harm, So we must be very careful not to fall into a trap.
- Dreaming of an EMPTY crib reflects insecurity and dissatisfaction with ourselves.

Crib sheet/Cheat sheet:
- To dream that we have a cheat sheet or to we cheat with it means that we must respect social norms.

Dreaming of a cricket means we will have happiness and peace in our family.
- If we dream of a cricket with inflamed eyes, it means that we are missing vision and courage, to achieve what we want or to achieve peace and comfort in our family that we all desire.
- If in our dream we see a plague of crickets means likely difficulties and disappointments.
- If we dream that it gets a cricket in the mouth, it means that there are things it's better not to talk.

Cricket game:
This dream tells us we frequent people who do not agree with our way of being.

- If we dream that we commit an offense, means that we are being reckless and we are not thinking good things. This dream advises us to be cautious and not let ourselves be carried away by whims.

- If we dream that we work as criminologists, means to resolve a problem, we must analyze the situation, experiment, observe and be more creative.

Presages happy moments. Joy and good humor.

- If in our dream we see cripples, it means that we are being undecided. It may also be related to a defeat that we have not been able to overcome.
- If we dream of a crippled young man, it means that our enemies have not succeeded in overcoming their defeat or that they have not yet resigned themselves.

- If in the dream we are being criticized, it means that we may suffer a shame or a disgrace.

This dream portends hearsay and gossip.

Crocodiles and alligators, with someone exception, represent the dark and aggressive qualities of the subconscious.

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- If we eat a croissant means we have pleasant experiences and positive feelings.
- If the dream informs us of the price of the croissant or we steal the croissant, reveals an excess of sentimentality.

Croissant bread:
To dream croissant bread or to we eat a croissant bread, predicts infidelities, and if this old, means infidelity and economic difficulties.

- If in our dream we see someone we know, but we see it as if a man(woman) of Cro-Magnon and also tells us that he will go to school to stop being a Cro-Magnon, it means that person is offended by certain comments about their physical appearance. Which advises us to stop making offensive comments, in addition to careful with him(her), because otherwise he (she) tried to take revenge somehow.

- If we dream that we have crooked teeth, says we must be careful what we do, because there may be a risk. And if we see someone we know with crooked teeth, then, tells us that there is a risk as to the relationship or business we have with the known person.

Crop top:
- If a woman dreams that she is in a market or in a store and they show her a red crop top and she does not buy it, it means difficulties in love.
- If a man dreams that he is in a market or in a store and they show him a red crop top for his sister and he does not buy it, it means difficulties in love.

See our dreams, a cross of gold or silver, especially if all four sides are equal, says that soon we get some Divine help. But if it is a crucifix, it means confusion, and difficulties.
- To dream of a gold or silver cross, which have embedded gemstones, means that we have managed to find the truth about something very important, and because we have received some Divine help.
- Dreaming with two intersecting hammers (Forming a cross) relates to a matter in which we have worked and put a lot of effort, which can help protect us from an unexpected change in our situation.

Cross yourself:
If you dream that you cross yourself, it means that there is something that worries you.
But if we see someone we know who makes himself the sign of the cross, then it means that there is something that concerns that person.

This dream augurs to we have an important advance in our situation, or success.

When in our dream we are at a crossing or crossroad, you have time to make an important decision, and the things we see, or the place you drive each way, we can give more details.
- If in the dream see a DANGEROUS CROSSING, means that soon we will have to choose a path or direction in our lives, but also warns us to be careful and think things through, as there are options that can be dangerous. And if we insist or decided to take a road full of risks, we recommend that at least try to take all possible precautions.
- If in the dream we are at a crossing and noticed that one of the streets, LEADS TO A TEMPLE of a certain religion, and the other path leads to another temple, but of a different religion, tells us that we are to elect one of these two religions. He advises us to analyze things well (for example: Not be deceived by a cult).
- If in our dream we see a crossroad where, in one of the streets or roads, there is a flea market or an MARKET; tells us that if we want to lead our lives the way we want (like achieve what you really want) we will have to pay a price, such as the need to strive more and be very firm in our goals, or to make some sacrifices to achieve our purposes.
- If we SEE A CROSSING, means that a time has come when we must choose, ultimately, to where we turn our lives or that we will make a decision soon.
- If in our dream we see our WIFE or someone we know, at a crossroads and we see that it hurts her stomach or abdomen, means this too upset about something and it might get to take a different path, for example: That you're cheating on your wife, and therefore there is a possibility of a separation.

- If we dream that we can finish a crossword puzzle, it means that they will find the best solutions to our problems. But if our dream, we do not finish it, it means that we will face a very persistent and cheats enemies.

- The crow is a sign of evil, so usually announces something bad, unless the crow speak to us, in which case heralds the end of our troubles.
- See a crow flying above train tracks, it means there is a danger associated with any changes that may come to be forthcoming, which advises us to plan well our projects.

- If we see ourselves among many people without the possibility of moving, it means our impossibility to face future challenges or our scarce possibilities of dominating the situation, because of our weakness of character or our timidity.
The same thing means if we see that there is a crowd in front of us, so that if we can not pass or stop, it means the difficulties, but if we manage to pass, it means that we will be able to dominate the situation or achieve our future challenges.
- If we see someone else in a crowd, and we can´t get close to him, it means that we want to achieve their friendship and we fear that we will not be able to achieve it.
- If in the dream we see a crowd, without being part of it, and they look sad or wear black, it tells us that a mishap can happen or that we will receive bad news.
- If we see a crowd celebrating, it means a political or economic change that could affect the whole country, or even several countries. And the same thing means if we see ourselves walking along with a crowd that is celebrating.

Symbolizes overcoming and triumph. It may also represent the power and authority to make decisions and enforce them.
- If in the dream we see a BUILDING and noticed that its SHAPE RESEMBLES A CROWN means constantly seeking improvement can help you achieve success.
- A crown of CITRON BLOSSOM means engagement.
- FLOWERS crown: Indicates pleasure.
- GOLD crown: Dignity.

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When in our dream is present a crucifix, represents punishment and suffering. It can also mean confusion, in which case tells us to further explore the Truth of things in addition to not get carried away by the opinions of others.
- If in our dream we just see a crucifix, means the same as above.
- If in the dream we see a crucifix that is burning, means the end of a problem, it can mean that our sufferings ended or will end soon.

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- If we eat raw meat, it means suffering and disappointments, which advises us to analyze the situation well so avoid it.

- If in the dream we see acts of cruelty, it means we have some internal problems and advises us to let off steam, exercising or something to help us get distracted.

To dream that we made a cruise, it reflects the desire to start a new life stage and start it with a new love.

- See crumbs of bread in our dream augurs poverty.

Crusts (From: Rheum):
- See us with eyes full of rheum it means we're not getting to see things clearly.
- If we dream that we crusting in the right eye (Only in the right eye), it means that we are only seeing the bad things about someone or something. That advises that we should also see and take into account the good things, not just the bad.

- If it is a bread crust, the dream tells us that difficulties and financial concerns ahead.
- If it is a cheese crust, indicating that abundance has harmed us.

This dream tells us it is very likely that someone abuses our trust, we must be prepared.

- It means that we lack confidence in our own abilities, unless we leave the crutches during the same dream, because then it means that we will soon recover the security that we sorely need.
- If we see someone else using crutches when in real life, he does not need them, it means that we perceive his own insecurity and he needs our advice and help.

In most cases represents fertility and rain, but if dream has a negative context is emotional pain.
- To dream of a BABY CRYING, means frustration felt by a goal that we have failed to perform, this dream advised us to be patient and especially do not give up. But if we dream we fell asleep while listening to mourn a baby, means that the frustration felt by a goal that we have not managed to make us careless doing.
- If in our dream we see just a CHILD CRYING, means disease.

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See "Glass"

- If we look crystalline or clear water, without getting wet, it means that our feelings are good, and we'll have a long and successful life. - If in our waking life we are sick, and dream to take crystalline water, tells us that soon will heal.

Crystallization/Crystallized food:
- If we dream decomposed food by crystallization (Foods that lose their consistency and its original flavor by excessive freezing), It means that there is an issue that has long been held, which advises us that we should upgrade to reactivate, so that there is no problem in the future.

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