- To dream that we are driving and suddenly someone almost hits us, but we AVOID it, means that we were neglecting, but then, we take the necessary precautions and time to achieve success in our projects.

- If you dream to travel in a vehicle, then someone collide with us, and stay DIE OR SERIOUSLY INJURED, it means that we run the risk of attacks planned by dishonest people.

- If we see a man crash, and most noticeable is that the GLASS OF THE VEHICLE IS COMPLETELY BROKEN, tells us that an adversary is neglecting and is likely to finish things negatively for him(her), but if he leaves the car and goes, then tells us that even has a chance to keep fighting.

- If someone HITS US, it means we will have concerns in the family or in our profession.

- If in the dream we SEE A MAN TO COLLIDE, but then survives and leaves the car, means that one of our enemies is neglecting, however, still has a chance to keep fighting, and if we see him survive and get out of the car carrying MONEY IN BILLS, says that is neglecting and having money problems, however, still has a chance to continue fighting.

- If we collide or hit SOMEONE, it means that we are not taking enough precautions or measures for success in our projects.

- If we see in the dream that an UNKNOWN MAN COLLIDE, tells us that one of our opponents is neglecting, which can help us win the battle, but if it dies crashing, means that things ended negatively for him(her).

- To dream that collided WITH A WALL, means we have some concerns about something that is difficult to achieve. This dream advises us not to give up and try harder.


Run over:
The run overs in dreams, most often related to an injustice, so let's hit who represents the victim of injustice.
- If we dream that one of our family members tells us that someone run over our son, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc., tells us that if we act wisely, someone can hurt one of our family.
- If in our dream we run over a murder, means that we want someone who is very annoying stop messing with our affairs, yet, we are told that there is a risk that commit excess in the time we do something to prevent that from continuing; in this case the dream advice, try not to overdo it too.
But if in the dream, and we see how flowing black blood to the murderer, means that there is a risk of a disaster to happen because of us, in the latter case the dream tells us that while it is right to defend ourselves, we be very careful in the way we do.

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