The run overs in dreams, most often related to an injustice, so let's hit who represents the victim of injustice.

- If we dream that someone ran over one of our BROTHERS means that someone is committing an outrage against us and advised us not allow it.

- If we dream that someone try to run over us, used a BULLDOZER, it means that someone who has ill will and is trying to commit an injustice against us. But if we dream that someone will run over with a bulldozer, then the danger that achieves your goal is even bigger. In any case, the dream advises us away from dangerous situations, unreliable business, loves light and all that we can put at risk.

- If in our dream we SEE A GRAY DOG TOO THIN AND RUN OVER by car, tells us that a friend or family member who recently left this world, needs our help to get to Heaven, such as our prayers. But if we dream that we cure the dog fully recovered and we see tells us that relative or friend who recently departed, soon arrived in heaven, and in part thanks to our help.

- If in our dream we RUN OVER A MURDER, means that we want someone who is very annoying stop messing with our affairs, yet, we are told that there is a risk that commit excess in the time we do something to prevent that from continuing; in this case the dream advice, try not to overdo it too.
But if in the dream, and we see how flowing black blood to the murderer, means that there is a risk of a disaster to happen because of us, in the latter case the dream tells us that while it is right to defend ourselves, we be very careful in the way we do.

- If we see a RAT run over and killed by car, we are told that we have the chance to beat an enemy permanently, but also tell us to be cautious, as there is a risk that the enemy was so affected that even apparently we have reached an abuse.

- If you dream that a GRAY SHEEP, you get hit or passed over us, represents a person who is depressed or anxious about their economic situation and this may bring to commit an injustice against us, such as theft or scam.

- If we dream that we are SAVED FROM BEING RUN OVER, this is a tip that tells us that we must move away from dangerous situations, rivalries, dubious business, loves light, and anything that might be dangerous. And the same means if we dream that are about to run over, but woke up before it happens.

- If in the dream someone runs over a STRANGER, or someone tells us that someone was hit, probably means that your commit an injustice, unless the hit is a woman, because then it means the following:

- If you have recently WITNESSED AN ACCIDENT (in our waking life) that ran over someone, and dream that ran over a person, means that we fear we can have an accident, but sometimes it means that there is a real danger of suffering a accident. So in either case, is advice to be careful.

- If you SUFFER A RUN OVER, means that someone will commit an injustice against us.

- If we dream that one of our family members TELLS US THAT SOMEONE RUN OVER OUR SON, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc., tells us that if we act wisely, someone can hurt one of our families.

- Dreaming try to cross the highway, and in doing that we are saved just run over us, but looking back WE SEE OUR DEAD CORPSE AT HALF STREET, means that there is a danger to suffer an accident, it can also mean someone is thinking and wants to kill us look like an accident. In both cases, this dream advises us to be careful and go outside or take precautions.

- If in the dream WE RUN OVER SOMEONE, means it is very likely to commit an injustice.

- If we dream that WE RUN OVER SOME ONE WE KNOW, tells us that someone is likely to do harm to that person in some way (and unfairly) can also mean that it is likely to you commit an injustice against that person, whether deliberately or recklessly. And that means the first or the latter depends on our current situation.

- To dream that someone runs over A WOMAN, it means failure. But if you dream that someone runs over a woman, but then she gets up and we see well and without injury, means that one of our projects was in grave danger, but we managed to save the situation.


To dream that you had an accident, tells us that we must make an important decision, so that tells us that we should analyze the situation well, so you can make a good decision, it can also be a warning that soon will come our way an obstacle to be hard to beat. But if we dream we suffer an accident with electricity or is a car accident, the meaning can vary.

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