To dream that you had an accident, tells us that we must make an important decision, so that tells us that we should analyze the situation well, so you can make a good decision, it can also be a warning that soon will come our way an obstacle to be hard to beat. But if we dream we suffer an accident with electricity or is a car accident, the meaning can vary.

- If you dream of riding in a CAR and suddenly suffer an accident, so that when hitting breaking paste the windscreen of the vehicle and driven off, then there is something we have not understood well enough, which can cause not only not achieve our goals, but there is also the risk that a disaster happens. He advised us to turn back, or find another way of doing things.

- If you suffer an ACCIDENT WITH ELECTRICITY, means there may be a hazard.

- If you dream that got into an ELEVATOR and going up or down, feel dizzy and then suffer an accident in it, tells us that our way of thinking about our work is changing, but you better analyze things well, as there something that can go wrong.

- If in the dream we ESCAPE FROM AN ACCIDENT, it means that our good to us out of a difficult situation. But if we see a relative or friend get rid of an accident, then, means that that person be saved from a difficult situation because of us.

- If you dream of an EXPLOSION, unforeseen circumstances tell us that we will be more painful if the explosion in our dream causes havoc.

- If in our dream JUST SEE THE ACCIDENT, a difficulty means you will not have consequences.

- If you dream you accidentally, MICROWAVE explodes, it means that our reckless act can bring us problems.


- The wounds signify our fear of illness or an accident. In other cases tells us that we may suffer an injury to our pride.

- If in our dream we spoke with a man whom we see with some injuries, then one of our rivals or adversaries is hurt in his pride for our cause.
- If you dream of traveling in a vehicle, then someone crashes into us, and we die or are seriously injured, it means that we run the risk of attacks planned by dishonest people.

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