In most cases represents fertility and rain, but if dream has a negative context is emotional pain.

- To dream of a BABY CRYING, means frustration felt by a goal that we have failed to perform, this dream advised us to be patient and especially do not give up. But if we dream we fell asleep while listening to mourn a baby, means that the frustration felt by a goal that we have not managed to make us careless doing.

- If in our dream we see just a CHILD CRYING, means disease.

- If in our dream we see EX GIRLFRIEND(EX BOYFRIEND) but even as if it were our girlfriend(boyfriend) and we begin to mourn, for whatever reason, but something that makes us angry or hurt us; means that we love and cause us pain no longer be our partner. But if she(he) is also set to mourn, then, means that she(he) is feeling the same as us but does not show it (This dream is more common in women).

- If to mourn, we FEEL A FATIGUE or RELIEF, means that soon arrived, the end of a difficult situation.

- If in our dream we are crying to MARGIN OF EVENTS, means got an unexpected joy.

- If the meaning of the other things we see in the dream is NEGATIVE, represents emotional pain.

- Mourn so OVERWHELMING, it means happiness.

- If we cry QUIET, the dream tells us that there will be a happy event.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOWN CRYING, means joy with respect to that person, if someone we do not know, means unexpected joy.

- If WOKE UP CRYING after a nightmare, means there is something that concerns us too.

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