When in our dream is present a crucifix, represents punishment and suffering. It can also mean confusion, in which case tells us to further explore the truth of things in addition to not get carried away by the opinions of others.

- If in the dream we are in a church and there we see a crucifix and BLOOD, means confusion and suffering.

- If in the dream, we BREAK A CRUCIFIX, means to you will not have sorrow nor suffering, for example may at this time, or in a short time the things look bad, but after a while everything will be resolved favorably. It can also mean that someone failed to deceive.

- If in the dream we see a crucifix that is BURNING, means the end of a problem, it can mean that our sufferings ended or will end soon.

- If in the dream we see a CRUCIFIED-DOLL, tells us that someone is manipulating us. It can also mean that someone is doing voodoo witchcraft to us, regardless of who is running or not.

- If in our dream we just SEE A CRUCIFIX, means the same as above.


See our dreams, a cross of gold or silver, especially if all four sides are equal, says that soon we get some Divine help. But if it is a crucifix, it means confusion, and difficulties.
- To dream of a gold or silver cross, which have embedded gemstones, means that we have managed to find the truth about something very important, and because we have received some Divine help.
- Dreaming with two intersecting hammers (Forming a cross) relates to a matter in which we have worked and put a lot of effort, which can help protect us from an unexpected change in our situation.

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