In the case of an unknown child in our dream, most of the time, represents a dangerous enemy, although there are some exceptions, for example: If a woman's dream and there are other signs that relate to maternity represents the desire to be a mother, if we see a child struggling with an adult, it means that we are an internal struggle about our personality, if we see an unknown child driving a car, we said that we lack maturity, a child electricity, symbolizes our power to help or harm others, and so on. So it is advisable to seek the case and more specific meaning:

- To dream that we ARE CHILDREN, when in our lives day and we are not, mean a lack of maturity, in addition to that we are seeking shelter in someone or something.

- If we dream that a CHILD ASSAULTED US WITH A GUN means that we have a dangerous enemy that is brewing a plot against us. But if we disarm, then, means that we will keep the enemy carries out a plot against us and can not do anything against us.

- If in our dream we simply see a BABY, it indicates happiness in the home and sometimes it is related to the desire to have a child or a little brother. But if we see something that has to do with one of our enemies or there is a bad sign present, it is a warning that tells us that we have a dangerous enemy or that one of our enemies is doing tricks, traps, deception, manipulations or inventing gossip, to cause us harm, so we must be extremely careful and be prepared to clarify any situation.

- To dream that we bathe a BABY JESUS, means that we are trying to get rid of a guilt complex.

- If in the dream we see someone we know with a child, whether he only accompanies him or says he is his son (but as long as he is a son he does not have in real life, that is, which is only his son in the dream), and the child COMMENCED TO BEATING HIM, it means that this person will not support our enemies, even if they insist on helping them to cause us harm.

- If in the dream we see a BLONDE child, it means that we should not trust a certain person who is too friendly, since it is someone who is just waiting for us to trust in order to harm ourselves.
Unless we live in a country where most people are blonde, in which case, it just means we have a dangerous enemy.

- If in the dream we see an unknown child WITH CLOSED EYES, it represents a dangerous enemy who refuses to understand things or see things as they really are.

- If our dream just see a CHILD WHO IS CRYING, it means disease. Sometimes in our dream to see a crying child, can represent our enemy, and tells us that this is a troubled person who sometimes behaves immaturely.

- Dreaming of a child CRYING AND SCARED ON A CHAIR, means that we have a dangerous enemy, added that the dream tells us that someone will soon discuss their interests and our enemy will get sick, but it is also likely that we too get sick.

- Dreaming about going in a car, and a KID DRIVING, means that we lack maturity.

- If we see some very thin children EATING ANOTHER CHILD (Committing cannibalism), it means difficulties caused by selfish and dishonest people, but at the same time it advises us not to get too angry because that can cause us health problems.

- Dreaming about a ELECTRIC CHILD (Electricity that comes out of the hands) symbolizes our power to help or harm others. And if I dream that a child injures someone with electrical powers, means that we must be careful not to hurt those close to us.

- If in the dream we fly away to ESCAPE FROM A EVIL CHILD, it means that we have escaped of a dangerous enemy because we have reached a higher spiritual level, or that we have managed to develop our abilities. In any case, the dream advises us to continue striving.

- Dreaming of the GHOST OF A CHILD means poverty and difficulties caused by an enemy; but if the ghost of the child has red eyes, it means that, that enemy also has too much envy.

- If in our dream we see a GIPSY CHILD, represents someone who seems harmless (It may even be someone who claims to be our friend), but in some circumstances it may be a dangerous enemy.

- To dream that a CHILD IS INFECTED HAND, because I was bitten by a zombie, is an enemy who is trying to separate us from someone we love and cherish.

- If in our daytime life we have a dangerous enemy, and we dream that we KILL A CHILD (A small and unknown child of the same sex as our enemy), it means we want to defeat that enemy.

- If in our dream we see a CHILD LYING ON THE FLOOR OF THE KITCHEN , the dream tells us we have a dangerous enemy that is undertaking something to hurt us.

- Dreaming of a MOTHER WITH A CHILD (A mother who does not know) tells us that sleep is related to our mother in this case it is advisable to consult the meaning of the other things we see in the dream to understand the full message.

- Dreaming of a crying child, and the MUCUS THAT FLOWS THROUGH THE NOSE represents one of our enemies, which sometimes behaves immature, and it has even been sick for the courage it when it gets away with it.

- If you dream of, for example with our NEPHEW, who is currently a child, then we must seek the meaning nephew. If, however, our nephew and he grew up and dreamed as a child, then it means the same as the previous ones, as appropriate.

- Dream about a NEWBORN, it means that something is changing on us.

- If in our dream we see a CHILD POINTING PHOTOS of our relatives, it means that in the following days we must be very cautious, and proceed in the most responsible way possible, since there is an enemy that can hurt us, either on purpose or making it look like an accident.

- If we dream that we PULL THE HAIR OF AN UNKNOWN CHILD, means that we force to one of our worst enemy that pay a debt. But if we pull her hair only, then, means that it is possible to compel our enemy to pay a debt to us, but we must do more.

- If we dream that a child begins to kill everyone and in the end we see him in front of us while we think he will kill us but at that time instead of doing that, he SAYS HE LOVE US, it represents a friend or to a very jealous/possessive love that is acting immaturely.

- If in our dream we see the SHADOW OF A CHILD, means we have a justified fear that relates to one of our enemies.

- If in the dream a child throws us SOIL, it means that we have a dangerous enemy that is trying to harm us in some way even with witchcraft.

- If in our dream we see THREE CHILDREN, means that the immature way we behave can cause difficulties.

- To dream that SOMEONE WANTS TO US TAKE CARE OF A CHILD, means that there is someone who wants us to take care of responsibilities that do not belong to us.

- To dream that SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS A CHILD, whether your child is dreaming or simply accompany him (When real life does not) and in sleep we see that the child cries, it means that that person is our enemy and sometimes behaves immature, and if, the child is dirty, also tells us that person is bad and not us.

- If a man dreams that a child, and that SUCKS THE BREASTS OF A WOMAN, while she feels love, means child needs protection and love, which is met through a woman, as may be through his girlfriend or boyfriend.

- If we dream that a child with an evil aspect enters our house and TELLS US THAT WE ARE HIS DAD/MOM, it represents a person whom we know, (Either a friend or relative), but it is someone who apparently needs our help or our advice, although in reality it is a hypocritical person who can become a very dangerous enemy.

- To dream about we THROWN A UNKNOWN CHILD BY THE WINDOW, the dream tells us that we want to kill a dangerous enemy, so that things improve.

- If in our dream we see a VAGABOND CHILD represents someone who in the past suffered damage from a scammer, abuser, thief, scammer or etc., and who tries to take revenge on anyone, (For example: Someone who has been scammed several times and therefore try to get revenge by cheating other people, especially those who wake up envy), which advises us to be careful with that person.

- If we are no longer children and in our dream we see a CHILD WHO CARRIES A VIDEO GAME, it means that we should avoid behaving immaturely, because that does not look good, in addition to that it is not necessary, since we have the ability to face any situation that may arise.

- To dream a CHILD WITHOUT FACE, means that we have a hidden enemy that is hurting us in some way.

- If a WOMAN SEES IN YOUR DREAM OF A CHILD can express his desire to be a mother.


Baby food:
- If our dream or baby food we eat that kind of food, means that we are being forced to learn something we already knew.

Video Game:
- If you dream of a game, means:
• Dreaming of a videogame console, or we're playing with him, tells us that we have the ability to manipulate others or to do what we want.
• If children are no longer in our dream we see a child wearing a video game, tells us that we must avoid behaving in immature form because it does not look good, plus it is not necessary, since we have the ability to any situation that may arise.
- Dream to we are inside game, as if we were in the virtual world, it means somebody is manipulating us.

- Children's games reflect our desire to escape from the problems of everyday life.
- If we are not children, and we dream we played cat # with a child, means the same as above, but also the dream tells us that we are behaving immaturely.

- View a stroller in our dream, tells us that positive change is coming that we can bring prosperity and happiness.
- If we see a stroller with a child inside means the beginning of something new, which will be accompanied by happiness.

- If in a dream, we see a son or our children, means that we can be worried about them, and advises that we should make sure they are good, or they do not have a problem we should know.
- If we see our children in danger, means that there is a looming threat, especially if, for example, were to leave home or around people were unreliable. In these cases, it is also advisable to consult the meaning of the other things we see in sleep to get more details.

Means surprising or unexpected news.
- If you dream relative as they were in our children, means lack of maturity.
- If you dream that something bad happens to one of our nephews, means that to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future, we should take more seriously the important issues we have pending, even those we think are not so important, in addition to strive more.
- Dream a little niece, trying cook something and you're not right, tells us that soon we may have an unpleasant surprise because of our lack of experience and that we still have much to learn.
- Dream to our nephew from a in front of door, tells us that even failure to achieve a final settlement in addition to that we can still have unexpected surprises that we may be adverse.

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