This dream tells us that we will soon see made our wishes and hopes, and if it is a picture of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) means that our luck will be greater.

- To dream that ASK US TO GET OUT of the Church, for whatever reason, is a complex of unjustified guilt.

- If we see PURPLE BEDS inside a church, it represents unserious or inconvenient promises of love.

- Dreaming with the DEMOLITION OF AN OLD RUINED CHURCH means that we have saved from danger.

- If we see a church or sanctuary from the FAR and not approaching us, it means disappointment.

- To dream that we feel surprised because someone we know begins to FIGHT with someone else within the church, means that sometimes we are disconcerted by the way that person behaves.

- If we dream that we was LEFT STANDIGN on the day of our wedding means fear of rejection, this dream advised us to have more confidence in the opposite sex.

- Dreaming a church in RUINS, tells us that soon attend a funeral.

- To dream that you see people doing things OBSCENE inside a church, it means we puzzling how some people behave.

- If in our dream we are going up the STAIRS OF A CHURCH, means that we may soon get to see our wishes fulfilled with great success.

- If we are in a church TALKING TO PEOPLE, but without paying attention to what is said there, it means we are being thoughtless in real life, and that is likely to make something rash.

- If we dream that someone TELL US THAT WE CANīT ENTER the church, it represents a guilt complex.

- If we dream that we see VAMPIRES INSIDE A church, it means that there is a certain person who tries to pretend that he is very good, but in reality he just wants us to lower our guard so that he can take advantage of us in some way.

- If a married woman dreams of entering a church with your WEDDING DRESS (The same one used to be married to her husband) and a little later her dress bloodstain means that has not managed to adapt well to marriage or who has been abused by her husband.

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