This dream tells us that we will soon see made our wishes and hopes, and if it is a picture of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) means that our luck will be greater, but in it we see a crucifix: it is a bad sign , especially if the image is unpleasant, because in that case means or confusion and suffering.

- To dream that ASK US TO GET OUT of the Church, for whatever reason, is a complex of unjustified guilt.

- Dreaming with the DEMOLITION OF AN OLD RUINED CHURCH means that we have saved from danger.

- If we see a church or sanctuary from the FAR and not approaching us, it means disappointment.

- If we dream that we was LEFT STANDIGN on the day of our wedding means fear of rejection, this dream advised us to have more confidence in the opposite sex.

- Dreaming a church in RUINS, tells us that soon attend a funeral.

- To dream that you see people doing things OBSCENE inside a church, it means we puzzling how some people behave.

- If in our dream we are going up the STAIRS OF A CHURCH, means that we may soon get to see our wishes fulfilled with great success.

- If we are in a church TALKING TO PEOPLE, but without paying attention to what is said there, it means we are being thoughtless in real life, and that is likely to make something rash.

- If a married woman dreams of entering a church with your WEDDING DRESS (the same one used to be married to her husband) and a little later her dress bloodstain means that has not managed to adapt well to marriage or who has been abused by her husband.

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