To dream about a curl representing an intense love.

- If we dream that we have the curly hair, when in reality we do not have it that form, it means we complicating things (and if we see someone we know with curly hair when in reality it is not that way , the meaning applies to that person).
But if in our waking life know someone who has curly hair, but in the dream see with straight hair, then, means that we will not tangle with that person, that is, that would not cause us problems or conflicts.

- If the dream we see one of our young sons with curly hair, when in reality he do not have it that form, it means that we are likely to reach to many problems because he is complicating things for us with their lies or misbehavior.


Curling iron:
If a woman in her dream simply sees a curling iron, it represents her desire to look better before others.

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