- If you dream that we are in the school and the teacher asks us to move on to the front to write or do something on the BOARD, means the following:
• If we do well, it means that soon we will find knowledge that will be very useful.
• If we are wrong, it means that we must be prepared and work harder for an exam, which will be more difficult than we thought, or if it is not a test is a call to prepare more and better analyze the situation.

- If we are in a classroom COLOR BLACK, means that we are concerned with uncertainty about the problems, which advises us not lose heart and get to study and work harder.

- If you dream you're in a classroom and RAISED YOUR HAND to ask a question, means that we must defend our interests, but we must study the situation before doing anything.

- If you are in the classroom of a school and PARTICIPATE IN CLASS or lift their hands to answer a question, tells us that are doing well and would soon find knowledge that will be very useful.

- If the room is very SMALL, says you need to ask a habit of study and work, in order to succeed and achieve what we want.

- If you see a classroom in RUINS, said that feel melancholy about the past, which advises us to stop looking to the past and look ahead, because only through study and effort to make things better.

- If you see a room all ALONE, means that we feel alone and helpless to face the difficulties we face it, we were advised to study and work harder.

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