- If in the cage we see a BIRD especially if they are canaries, tells us that we will have good luck in love.

- If it were a DOVE, means: probably marriage.

- If the aviary is EMPTY or the bird scape from the cage, it means difficulties in love, at least in the dream, suddenly the bird returned to the cage, or we saw a bird get to an empty cage, then it means that we can be a difficulty, but easily overcome.

- To dream that we are FIGHTING in a cage, tells us that there is a struggle (competition, legal fight .....) from which we cannot escape, and that we face.

- Dreaming a PARROT escapes from his cage and we try to get him to return it to the cage, it means that we are trying to control a gossipy person.

- If we see a white RABBIT in a cage means good luck in love.

- To dream that we have a black RAT IN A CAGE means we have our enemies, well controlled, so that enemies cannot steal or harm us in any way.

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