Candies, in most cases represent good luck in love, since sweetness is compared to love.

- If it is CHOCOLATES, it means that there will be happiness and good fortune in the family. Unless there were other signs that were contrary, for example: That the chocolate was sour, then it would mean that we must overcome some problems so that there is complete happiness in our family.

- If we see a sweet DROOL (because someone had already sucked it), it means that there is someone who likes us, but it is someone who usually goes out with more than one person (someone who is not faithful).

- If in our dream we EAT SWEET CANDY, it means that we are doing well sentimentally.

- An EXOTIC candy with a phallic shape (elongated shape), tells us that if we manage to do something different and original, we will be able to make a lot of money and have good luck in love.

-If we dream that we try a FRUIT, and its taste is too sweet, it represents someone who is too sweet (for example: If a preadolescent girl has this dream, it represents a child who is too loving for her age).

- If we dream that we chew CHEWING GUM, it means that there is something in which we are being dishonest.

- If in our dream they tell us the PRICE of a sweet OR we STEAL one, it means that we are being too sentimental.

- If we dream that we TASTE IT something sweet it means: Pleasures.

- But if we TASTE IT AND ITS TASTE IS UNPLEASANT, then, it means bad luck in love.

- If we dream of sweets that THUNDER IN THE MOUTH, it means that it is likely that we will soon have some pleasures/sweet moments in love, but with some consequences, anguish or danger.
And if we dream of an offer of sweets that thunder, it means that we could soon have the possibility of conquering a new love but with the danger of some consequences, anguish or danger.

Here we see a package of sweets that thunder.

- If we dream of someone who is sweet in his WAY OF BEING, it means joy in the family.

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