- It tells us that we are being too proud to ask for help, this dream advises us to seek help.

- If in our dream we see GROTESQUE COLLECTIBLE CARDS (for example: the garbage pail kids cards), advises us to seek help to solve our problems, it can also mean that there are bad feelings all around us.

- If in our dream we see GROTESQUE TROLLS COLLECTIBLE CARDS, (for example: Trolls dismembered) means that we must take care how we behave to avoid bad reviews, plus they can be at risk, as there are people with bad intentions around us who might try to take advantage of any situation to harm us in any way.

- If we dream cards YU-GI.OH CARDS has the same meaning as the normal trading cards, that is, means that we are too proud to ask for help. With some exceptions, for example: If we see a box like the deck of Yu-Gi-Oh, but noticed that the box was made for a single card and thus contains only one, since it is a very special, it means that we are able to change things or turn the situation in our waking life.

- If we dream we're playing the game of YU-GI-OH WHILE WE EAT or suck a lemon, tells us that if we remain too proud to ask for help, we will soon have bitter moments. It may also mean that there is a strategy that we are not doing well, or that we are not performing well enough, which can provoke bitter moments in the future, in this case, the dream advise to do best our strategies and plans.


Card, Business:
- To dream about a business card, means that it is appropriate to contact a person or a specialist such as a lawyer, accountant, doctor, technician, etc.
But if we break the business card, we do not will need to consult a specialist.

Card, Credit:
It means that money troubles are coming.

Card, Invitation:
- Dreaming of an invitation card, it means that we need to have new friends and ambitions. And if we dream we give an invitation card to someone , means that we need to have more friendships and ambitions, but at the same time means that we must be cautious.
- If we dream to a wedding invitation card, it means we need to have more friends.

Card, Memory:
- Dreaming with a USB memory or a memory card, tells us that we need to strive more and more to analyze things, to fulfill the task entrusted to us.

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