It means prohibitions and limits, it may also represent our responsible part, and in some cases related precisely with he.

- If we dream of asking an ADVICE, means we need a little help.

- If in the dream we CRY FOR HIS DEATH, lets us see that we feel very guilty about something.

- If ALREADY DEPARTED THIS WORLD and we dream as when he was alive, it is he who visits us in dreams. In this case we see the meaning of the other things we see in dream before getting the message, but sometimes the message is literal. Also see: Dead/Deceased (Meaning of dreaming People who have already left this world)

- If in the dream we see our father DIED IN A CAR, AND SEE ALL BLOOD STAINED, means that we are hurting our father in some way, or that someone is taking advantage of him in some way. That means the former or the latter depends on our current situation.

- If we dream so FRIENDLY, means need for protection or assistance, may also mean that we have a good relationship with our bosses.

- If we dream that our dad we HIT means that we are having trouble getting our purposes because of our guilt complex, which advises us to change our attitude.

- If we dream that our DAD WE GIVE A BUNCH OF KEYS, means that we must listen to their advice or remember his advice, because in them is the key to solving a problem.

- If we dream that our dad KILLS WITH A KNIFE our mom, it means that he is very angry with our mom for some reason and for that reason there is a risk that something end badly (as a rift between them or even to a divorce ). This dream advises us to pray to our guardian angels to help us to prevent something bad from happening, and this is a prayer that can help us in this case: Oh my guardian angel/ my loyal company/ my staunch ally;/ Oh God/ allows always listen/ my guardian angel/ and his words/ inspire me/ good things/ because without them/ I do not know what to do;/ for that I thank you, Racna(God)/ for that I thank you, God.

- If we dream that our DADDY DO NOT HELP us means that he is not willing to help or support us in a certain matter.

- If a child dreams that his dad SHOOTS A ROBBER AND KILL HIM, it means your dad is fighting someone who wants to steal something important (for example: Against someone who wants to take his wife (mother of the dreamer) or against someone who is trying to steal something).

- If we see being STRICT, means that we feel guilty about something or that we will have discussions with our superiors.

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