If we see a fair with rides, means that we have good hopes and good projects, but if our dream focuses on a particular game, means the following:

- If we dream we are in a CAROUSEL, means that we are afraid to relive some of our childhood, or we feel stuck.

- If is the game of the CRAZY CUPS represents the order of the universe (as in the universe as in the crazy cups game, everything moves around a central point and circles) and reminds us that to find Truth or want to know something, just look around and think about things a bit.

- If we dream that entered the HOUSE OF HORRORS, says it is likely to face some problems and dislikes.

- If it is a ROLLER COASTER, represents the ups and downs of life.

    a) To dream about we build a roller coaster, it means that we are assuming more responsibility than we should. And the same means if we see one of our brothers building a roller coaster.

- If we dream of a WHEEL OF FORTUNE represents the ups and downs of our lives, so if we are above represents a good run, but if we are down or no negative feelings represents a run of bad luck.

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