Fairies are as beautiful angels, who sometimes visit us in dreams to fulfill a wish (help us achieve something we thought was very difficult) and only ask us to care for nature.

- If a man dreams of a FAIRY WEARING A WHITE AND SEXY BLOUSE, is the realization of a desire for love, for example, find that special someone to love.

- If you see the BLUE FAIRY FLYING AROUND A CASTLE, it means that you'll have a little help from Heaven, to reach a more spiritual life.

- If a FAIRY GIVES YOU SOME COINS, it means that God sent an angel to help.

- If we look at a COMPUTER KEYBOARD, and next to see a talisman with the figure of a fairy, is the realization of a desire that we thought impossible and is related to our work.

- If you see a FAIRY IN A FLOWER, the dream promises you, good luck in love, and the realization of a wish.

- If you dream of the BLUE FAIRY, the dream will bode good fortune, in addition to the fulfillment of a wish that seemed impossible.

- If you dream that it is night and are some stars and also seeing a FAIRY THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK and is dressed in white, promises the fulfillment of a wish good.

- If you dream of a GLASS FAIRY tells you if you want to see your desires fulfilled, you should not stop relying on your good sense.

- If you see that our dream a FAIRY LOOKS AT YOU and this sad or angry, it means that something is wrong, so there is a possibility that will not get to see your desires fulfilled this dream suggest you analyze the situation well .

- To dream of a PORCELAIN FAIRY, promise the realization of a desire to be thought impossible.

- Dream a FAIRY RUB YOUR EYES, it means that to achieve the realization of your purposes, you need to show a little more courage and determination.


- Dreaming of an elf, shows the fragility of love versatile.
- If you dream that a elf gives you some coins, it means that God sent an angel to help you.
- If a bad elf dream, it means that you care how you behave, to avoid bad reviews.
- If you dream that someone you know is an evil elves, it means that some people are making snide comments about that person, which advises us to ignore gossip.
- To dream that your house is invaded by evil elf, you say, you do not know how to treat some people suggest you simply look the way you behave, in order to avoid bad reviews.

- Unicorns are the favorite pets of the fairies, and their significance in Most cases are associated with a trip or a new project.

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