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Dreams: Fl

- If we dream that we have done a lot of exercise, but still, our body is flabby, it means that we are not doing things right.

This sign in most cases represents our struggle to achieve or get something.
- If the flag is BLACK, we are fighting against disease.
- If it's BLUE, we are fighting for freedom.
- The more BROKEN is the flag, the greater the recognition of our merits and our value.
- If we find that IS our COUNTRY, our merits will be recognized.

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Flag bearer:
This dream augur, an upcoming promotion, but if we are the flag bearer in a combat, get promotion only if in the dream we won the battle, but if no one wins, it means that the future is still uncertain.

The flames represent the mind (like the flame of a candle or a bonfire):
- If the flame shakes, it means that we are not paying attention to the spiritual.
- If the flame does not burn well or makes a lot of smoke, it is an indicator that we can suffer a betrayal of someone close to us. If on the contrary it burns well and without smoke, it means our mind at the service of the soul.

This is a warning sign tells us that there is a plot against us.

- To dream about Flash or that we are Flash means that we will achieve escape from a grave danger, it can also mean that we will have new opportunities that we must use.

To dream that suddenly we see a flashback, tells us that we must take into account our past experiences to never make the same mistakes.

- If someone flatters us in our dream, it means that we must be wary of people.
- If we are sincerely flattering someone, it means that we will achieve what we want. But if we hypocritically, means that we can see ourselves humiliated, or that someone tries to deceive or take advantage of us.

- If we dream that we are flatulent when people nearby, means that we are directing our energies and efforts towards the wrong side. It can also be a tip that tells us that we must learn to say what we feel rather than acting in a hostile manner.
- If we dream that we are flatulent and say it was a bad spirit (Like trying to justify), means that we are directing our energies and efforts towards the wrong side also tells us that in part our problems have been caused by a person being gossipy , who has been doing witchcraft, or has been manipulating several people to hurt us.

- ACID: It means inconvenience and distress.
- BITTER: If our dream we try something that tastes bitter, predicts success in our business.
- BITTERSWEET: If in our dream we try something bittersweet, says it is likely that we will soon have pleasures, but with some implications and anxieties, which advises us to be prudent.
- HOT: If our dream we try something with a hot flavor, this means that we are too angry about something that is immaterial.
- ROTTEN: Means approaching trouble and bad luck.
- SALTY: Announces probable difficulties.
- SOUR: (When food is in poor condition) means inconvenience and distress.
- SWEET: Announces pleasures.
- BLAND: He tells us that our life is too boring. And if our dream we offer something, or try something that should be sweet, but then to try it, it happens that the taste is bland, tells us that our love life is boring, so we recommend try a little more.
- VANILLA, means an invitation or a welcome to a new situation. Can also mean welcome a new project that has a good chance of success.

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Fleas represent little discomfort.
- If we dream that we are in the bed and that we have many fleas, it means that it is likely that we soon suffer discomfort in the issues of love and partner caused by a flirtatious, gossipy or insidious person.

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Flee/Run away:
- If in our dream we are running away from something, it means that we got rid of a danger, here the significance of that, what we run, we can give more information about the danger of which we are free, for example, if we are fleeing a white dog (A white dog symbolizes marriage), means that we got rid of a marriage that did not suit us.
- If in the dream we fled and it is night, or dusk while we run, it means: Sometimes to avoid a hazard you need both the bright side, as the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm despite it seems that we are being bad, for example, when someone scolds (Without violence) because his son did something wrong, you might even feel bad about it, but it's necessary.

Fligth attendant:
- If in our dream we simply see, a flight attendant means that soon receive news from someone who lives far away.

- Dreaming with a flimsy house, or with a flimsy construction, tells us that we have little confidence in ourselves.

by letter.

- To dream with a flint knife means that we must defend our interests, or that we must be prepared to defend them.
- If we dream a broken flint knife or a broken flint arrowhead, it means we have not known how to defend our interests. That advises us to be firm in our determinations and strive more.

Flintstones, the (The animated series):
If we dream of the Flintstones, it means that if we are too old-fashioned in certain matters, we can become ridiculous.

Flip flop:
- Dreaming of current flip-flops (Low quality), means poverty. But if it is a plastic flip flop, represent poverty or falsehood.

Although called flippers, actually more like the legs of a frog or a duck, and view them in our dream is a good omen that tells us that we will take the right decision. At least they are broken, because then it indicates false hopes.
- If you dream that we're going to go hiking, but we have to choose between roller skates and a pair of flippers, and chose the flippers, means that we will achieve what we want in addition to peace of mind, because we made the right decision. If we choose the roller skates, then, tells us that it is likely that we manage to find spiritual peace, but in the attempt we get to fall in a difficult situation, so we must be very careful as to what we're doing, or planning to do.

Flirting/ Woo.
- If our dream is that we simply try to woo someone, it means someone leave us and ridicule.

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This dream shows us that we can have help in difficult times, so that will be good to take advantage of that help, we can provide others.

Float, to:
- To dream that float in the air, it tells us that we want to achieve a higher spiritual level.

Float water tank:
- If in our dream we see a float water tank and noticed that the water is pouring, for example: Because the float broke down, it means likely lost money.

- If in the dream just see a flock, means we need to be doing more objective when making a decision.

To dream about a flood, means that we must be careful not to overwhelm our feelings, that is, we should not get carried away by passion, hatred, envy, revenge, and so on. Unless the flood happen in our house, because in that case means that all around us there are hidden enemies may even be people who never would suspect.
- If in our dream we see our CITY, FLOODED, the dream tells us that if we do not learn to control our emotions, our projects fail.
- If we see a flood and also we noticed that the water is DIRTY, it is a warning that tells us to be careful with our overflowing emotions, especially if we make a decision soon, or do something important.

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The floor and roof of a house relate to our ideals and principles. It can also be a metaphor, in the sense of knowing the terrain we are treading, that is, we must know well the business/person we are dealing with.
- To dream that the floor is wet, it means that there is something we are not doing well.
- Dreaming with a broken floor, tells us to defend our ideals and principles and not take someone else's.
- If in the dream we see a broken floor, covered in soil, it means that we must defend our ideals and our family.
- If we dream that our house is flooded, but that the floor is also very strange, it means that if we notice something strange or out of the ordinary, we must analyze the matter thoroughly, since it may be part of a tactic by our enemies.

- If in our dream we see a flower shop run by a family member or friend who left this world, it means that she(he) has become one of our guardian angels and help us in our difficulties in love.

Flower pot:
- If we see a pot with pure earth or with dry plants means frustration or disappointments.
- If it has yellow flowers is good luck, if the flowers are red means a well-loved love; If it is gold it is good fortune in our projects; And if it is pink represents the love that initiates.
- If in our dream we see puppies buried from the neck down in a flower pot (With the head outside), represents a new friend or a new love to whom his friends or his ex leaves abandoned and for that reason he is still injured in his Feelings, what we must keep in mind.

Flower shop:
- To dream that we see a flower shop means the beginning of something good.

Flowers signify the presence of God, is also a sign associated with love. But if we remember the exact type of flower or we remember most of the dream is that it was some kind of flower, then, we must search for the meaning of that particular flower.

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This dream tells us that we may be worried about our health or that we will be worried about that reason.

- To dream about fluff, it means that there are bad feelings towards us, or that there is something that is not right. That advises us to be careful.
- To dream that we have fluff in the mouth, it means that we said something bad about someone or that we are thinking of doing it. But if we remove the fluff from the mouth, then, it means that in the end we did not say anything bad about anyone, which is good.

- If we dream that we have the fluffy hair, it means that sometimes we get angry too, of unimportant things.

- DREAMS OF FLOUR is a guarantee that we will not lack the most indispensable. And if we see a lot more flour means higher living standards.
- If in the dream you see a PACKAGE OR FLOUR BAG is a guarantee that we will not lack the most indispensable.
- If in our dream we see a sack of flour and noticed that it has written a QUESTION MARK (?), tells us that, to avoid reaching into problems of money, we must put aside our fears and defend our interests.
- If in the dream we see many SACKS of flour, tells us that in the future we will have abundance and good luck in economic affairs.

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Fluorescent: (very bright colors)
It means communication with those who have departed this world.

If in our dream we see a flute or hear a flute, it means it can be arguments or disappointments.

If we dream that we fly, it can mean our desire to overcome some difficulties of everyday life. Sometimes it is associated with our desire to reach a higher spiritual level.

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Fly (Insect):
Represents impurities feelings.
- To dream that there's a fly in the soup, means we have joy and prosperity, but as long as we correct something wrong, or avoid doing risky or reckless things.

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