Fleas represent little discomfort.

- If we dream that we are in the BED and that we have many fleas, it means that it is likely that we soon suffer discomfort in the issues of love and partner caused by a flirtatious, gossipy or insidious person.

- If we dream of a BLANKET full of fleas, it represents some discomfort related to the things of love.
But if we dream of a blanket full of fleas and that although we kill fleas, some of them reach us to bite our legs, it means that we have gone through some difficulties/discomforts related to love or our partner, and although we have solved, the problem is that there were some damages that we will have to fix.

If we dream that our DOG has many fleas, it means that we have a friend who is being bothered by something (For example: Our attitude or that some of our friends are bothering him in some way).

- If we see our SON in his bed but full of flea bites, it means that if we do not take enough precautions, he may become ill due to an allergy, a food that does not digest well, and so on.

- To dream that an UNKNOWN PERSON THROWS US fleas, means that there is someone who is causing us problems and discomfort.

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