This sign in most cases represents our struggle to achieve or get something.

- If the flag is BLACK, we are fighting against disease.

- If it's BLUE, we are fighting for freedom.

- The more BROKEN is the flag, the greater the recognition of our merits and our value.

- If we find that IS OUR COUNTRY, our merits will be recognized.

- If we notice that is from ANOTHER COUNTRY, indicates that we will only be recognized worth in another country.

- If we COVER means recognition of our value.

- If it's of an IMAGINARY COUNTRY, that our dreams of greatness is not be fulfilled.

- If we LOSS A FLAG, indicates loss of power and control.

- MAROON, we fight for our material interests.

- If you dream of NAILING A FLAG in the ground, it means honor, or that soon be recognized.

- If in our dream we see waving a NAZI FLAG it means we fighting for revenge, which advises us to change our fitness.

- If is RED we fight to defend feelings.

- If we REMOVE the flag means loss of power and control.

- If we dream of wearing a SHIRT emblazoned flag brings another country, tells us that we have an identity problem, which advises us better defined.

- If TAKE SOMEONE´S FLAG, it means victory, or to achieve greater power and control.

- If you see a flag of our country in a TOILET, tells us that leaving of repressing something can stop them from achieving honors and recognitions our country, but if it is from another country, then, tells us that quitting repress something can stop them from achieving the honors and recognitions abroad. This dream tells us that there are times it is better to repress in some things, at least for a while.

- If we see WAVE FLAG predict wealth and honor.

- If it's YELLOW, we are fighting for intelligence.

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