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Dreams: Fi

- To dream that our fiancee tells us that she is going to marry with someone else, means that she is dissatisfied or upset by our way of behaving. It can also mean that those who are close to us (Family and friends) are dissatisfied or upset with the way we behave.

It means prosperity and fertility, at least the fig tree dried or is in poor condition, then, means the opposite.
- If we dream of ripe figs, it means that we will have good health and benefits, without having made any effort. But if the figs are green, it means that we are not ready yet ready to enjoy the benefits.
- If we maggoty or spoiled figs means that we will achieve the benefits, when we no longer can enjoy them.

- It warns that danger is near.
- It can also mean the desire for freedom from oppression that can not stand much longer, but if it comes to melee is internal conflict.
- If we win the fight, it means that real life will win.
- If we lose the fight, meaning a likely failure.
- If no one wins, tells us that the future is uncertain.
- If in our dream we see a fight and both sides are bloodied, it means that we have had bitter or heavy fighting with our enemies.
- If our dream fight with someone, and we beat him, besides treading on the hand, means that we have had a difficult struggle with our adversaries, but soon we shall overcome.

- Here the meaning is the one with the figure, for example, if the figure is that of a jaguar, then we must seek the meaning of jaguar.
- If in the dream we see the figure or statue of a saint and noticed that has the bloody hands tied and represents a guilt complex. It can also mean someone is taking advantage of our feelings of guilt.

- View a file in our dream tells us approaching problems of administrative and judicial.
- If in our dream we see a file which has all blank pages, tells us that our administrative and legal problems disappear.

This sign augurs good luck in the near future.

Fillet steak:
- If we dream that a steak seasoning with salt and pepper and the end is well cooked and seasoned represents a good chance we will have in our affairs and projects, but if you are not well seasoned, then, means suffering and disappointments.

- If we dream of a stuffed bread, its meaning will depend on the flavor of the stuffing, for example, if it is strawberry, it means good luck in love, if it is cheese, it means good luck in the economic, if it is chocolate, it means happiness and good fortune in the family, if it is vanilla means: To mean the welcome of a new project that has a good chance of success�
- If we dream that we are accompanied by someone we like, eating sandwiches, but it happens that when trying to eat the sandwich, we notice that the filling is covered in plastic, it means that she (he) is an impossible love.

Film/Motion picture:
If we see ourselves watching a movie, it means shyness and distrust. But if we remember clearly the scene, the meaning will be that of the scene.
- To dream that we see a film in BLACK AND WHITE, represents a depressing subject.

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Film credits:
- If in our dream we see the credits of a movie, it means we want to know more about a topic that causes us to distrust.

This dream tells us that we do prevail arguments to defend our proposal.

- If in our dream we see someone filthy, it means that someone is doing something wrong against us.

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It means happy affective relationships or good news.

Fine (High quality):
To dream that something is fine and good quality, tells us that we already have enough knowledge and know how to do things right. This dream advises us to simply put into practice what we do.
- But if we dream that someone tells us that something is made of fine plastic, then it means that someone is being fake and at the same time knows how to deceive others.

Final exam:
- To dream that we have to present a final exam, but we forgot and did not; tells us that we'd better put to study (Study, practice, train, specialize..... As is the case) and plan a good strategy, because otherwise we will be soon in serious trouble. It can also be call to not be negligent in this case suggest that we do whatever it takes to ensure victory.

If we dream that we find anything other than coins, it means that we feel relieved for having found something important, or something that we needed to know, and that is related to the meaning of what we found. It can also mean that we have become aware of a part of ourselves that we kept repressed or undeveloped.

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Find out:
- It means we have a concern about an issue.
- But if we dream that someone we like find our phone number, it means to that person like you and she(he) want to know you.

To dream that something is fine and good quality, tells us that we already have enough knowledge and know how to do things. This dream simply advised us to put into practice what we do.
- But if you dream that someone says that something is made of fine plastic, then it means that someone is being fake and also knows how to fool others (beware to him).

- If in our dream we clean a revolver in order that it is not in our fingerprints, tells us to defend our interests, yet we must be discreet. It can also be advice that tells us to act with discretion and there is a plot against us and any indiscretion can be exploited by our enemies.
- If we dream that a policeman stops us, but we managed to escape and were relieved because the police do not have, neither our tracks nor our name, and for that reason, the police could not find; It means that we got rid of a guilt complex, but also tells us that there are things that are better left unsaid nor comment.

In most cases, the fingers represent our families, the condition of the fingers is that of our family or in relation to them.

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by letter.

Fingerspelling, language:
- If we dream that we communicate through fingerspelling language with someone we like, the dream tells us that if we want to know if that person likes us, we must pay attention to certain signals, for example, if when we are close to that person, she(he) touched her(his) hair or celebrate everything we do is because she(he) like you, but if it is indifferent or is more interested in looking at someone else, it's because she(he) do not like us.

- If in our dream, someone says: "This is not over, till it's over," you have an issue that we have not finished or completed, which advises us not to leave anything pending or unfinished.
- If you dream that someone says something to finish, or it will end, then there is an issue that we are not done or that there is something that needs to be done.

- If in the dream just see the fin of a fish means disappointment.
- If we see the fin of a dolphin, means we have the leadership and the ability to make good decisions.

- WHEN THE FIRE IS CONTROLLED means affection.

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Fire fighters:
- See them in operation announces great hardship.
- With the fire finish off indicates that our concerns.

This dream tells us that we will have some fright without noticeable inconveniences.

- To dream that you get fired from work means disagreements in our professional activities, which advises us to be cautious and avoid unnecessary arguments.
- If dismiss an acquaintance means that we do not like to associate friendship with the business, which is not always convenient. It can also mean that it is better to be inattentive to someone who partner with him(her) in a risky business.
- If you dream that we are fired from a job and then we replace with a robot, it means that there is a danger that we lose our job or someone replace us by someone else (For example: A girlfriend, boyfriend, group, team, etc.); because we are not respecting the rules or regulations, which may be fair or unfair, but that would be the reason, if it happens.
- If we dream that our chief chides us and warns us that if we do a certain thing, we will dismiss, means there is something we are not doing well and that relates to our employment or business.

If we dream of fireflies, it means that we will have spiritual satisfactions. It can also be a warning so that we do not abuse other people.

- With the fire lit, it indicates that our family life passes happy.
- With the heat off, disgruntled.
- With smoke or ash financial difficulties.
- Demolish: disappearance of goods.

- If we dream that we cook with firewood, it means that we are planning something good, but it will require a lot of effort or at least more effort than we had initially thought.

- It means passing joys, is as small satisfactions that last a short time.
- See kids thundering fireworks, means the same as above.

It means our aspirations.
- A night sky with no moon, tells us that we are in a stage of projects.
- A night sky with moon, we forecast good luck in our projects.
- If it is daytime, we have time for the completion of these projects.
- If it's cloudy, approximate concerns.
- If it's very cloudy, means serious concerns.
- A clear sky, tells us that the next day we presented without problems.
- If it looks stormy, predicts a very difficult situation.

First-aid kit
- To dream about first-aid kit or take the medicines, tells us pay attention to our body and soul.
- If we take medicines of the first-aid kit for someone else, tells us that there is someone who needs our help.

First Communion:
- If in our dream we see a first communion dress, it represents the initiation into something that can be good or bad, but which is very important to analyze (Since it can be an initiation into something good, but it could also mean that we are getting into something bad, like in a sect or a witchcraft rite).

- To dream about a fish BITES US means that there is a danger that our desires will fail to perform.
- If we dream that a fish DEVOURS US, means a real danger that can cause us moral or material loss.
- To dream about an EXTRA TERRESTRIAL LIKE MEN-FISH means we is being difficult to adapt to our environment, especially because of malicious, abusive, corrupt or gossip people, which advises us to study the situation.
- Dreaming of a bad fish, and also noticed that it has something rare in the EYE represents a hypocritical and treacherous person who is aware of everything we do.
- If in our dream we see a pond full of fish, and in the background we see a FIREARM, tells us that there is a danger that our desires do not come to see made for the cause that there is a conspiracy against us.
- If we dream we caught a big fish and it was really hard, but in the end we FISH IT means that our efforts have achieved certain things.

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- If in our dream we see a tank, means we have a new concept about someone or about something, for example, something we thought was good and that's actually the opposite.

- If we see a fisherman catching many fish in his net, it means good luck in money matters. But if your net is empty, it represents bad luck in matters of money.

If we see ourselves fishing something, and we remove it from the hook, it means getting rid of it, if the meaning of what we fish is bad. But if the meaning of what we fish is good, then it means that we will take advantage of it; For example: If we dream that we catch a coral, it means that we have got rid of a concern.
- If we see ourselves fishing in a LAKE, it means that we have the desire to find a partner.
- If we dream that we are fishing and we take out a DOVE, it means good luck in the affairs of love and the couple.
- If we are fishing with a NET, it means that we try to retain memories and feelings, which advises us to look to the future and not stay in the past.

The fist always represents a threat, a manifestation of violence.

Fitness center:
If in the dream we see a fitness center means that if we exercise we will have a longer life with fewer worries.

To dream of the number five, means that soon we will have good fortune.

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