- If we dream that a BIG FISH EATS A BOY, it mens that we must be careful in dangerous situations and places, since we could become victims of a thief/scammer.

- To dream about a fish BITES US means that there is a danger that our desires will fail to perform.

- If we dream that a fish DEVOURS US, means a real danger that can cause us moral or material loss.

- To dream about an EXTRA TERRESTRIAL LIKE MEN-FISH means we is being difficult to adapt to our environment, especially because of malicious, abusive, corrupt or gossip people, which advises us to study the situation.

- To dream about a bad fish, and also noticed that it has something rare in the EYE represents a hypocritical and treacherous person who is aware of everything we do.

- If in our dream we see a pond full of fish, and in the background we see a FIREARM, tells us that there is a danger that our desires do not come to see made for the cause that there is a conspiracy against us.

- If we dream we caught a big fish and it was really hard, but in the end we FISH IT means that our efforts have achieved certain things.

- If in our dream we see a GOLDFISH WITH FANGS, represents a person with many faces (hypocritical, false, deceitful, fraudulent) and or aggressive. But if you spit, it means that that person may not deceive us nor hurt us.

- If we dream of a FISH-RAT HYBRID, it means that there is a hypocritical person who is waiting for us to lower our guard (to be careless), to be able to steal something from us.

- The LONE or DEAD fish indicate bitterness and loneliness.

- The LONE FISH THAT HIDES IN THE ROCKS reveals desire to hide where we can evade responsibilities and sorrows.

- If we dream that a PARASITE turns into a fish, the dream tells us about someone who is an impossible love (because is married, because he/she does not want to achieve anything serious, etc.), but who could pretend that he/she likes you, for the purpose of being able to manipulate us or take advantage of us in some way. For example: When someone pretends to like us so we can help them with something; since the fish, in this case, reminds us of a mermaid, which is related to impossible loves.

- To dream that we caught a big fish but later a RAT EATING means that a person who wants to steal something we have achieved with our effort.

- To dream about a SIGN OF A SECT for example: The sign of a fish used by members of certain sects, it means adversities.

- The SMALL fishes that we try to fish with our hands and drained reflect the memory or the fear of emotional disappointments.

- If we dream that we are CLEANING a fish, but a NEIGHBOR NOTES A BAD SMELL, it means that there is something we are trying to fix, but it is important to do it with discretion to avoid gossip and gossip.

- If in our dream we see FISHES AND ALSO THERE ARE THINGS THAT HAVE A NEGATIVE MEANING, such as: Darkness, dirty water, etc., it means that there is a risk that our wishes will not be fulfilled.


- If in our dream we see a tank, means we have a new concept about someone or about something, for example, something we thought was good and that's actually the opposite.

To dream about a piranha represent a tax collector or a usurer, depending on our current situation.

It warns us that our situation can be dangerous and agitated by overlapping attacks.

- Dreaming of a swordfish, means that soon we will be successful, and or economic prosperity. But if we see that its beak is broken, then it means failure.

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