- If we dream that we are with our father or with a friend and suddenly we lose sight of him, it means that we will probably soon stop having his support. But if we dream that we lose sight of him, but then we FIND HIM AGAIN, it means that we recently got angry or distanced ourselves from him, but soon things will be fixed.

- If we dream that we find ANYTHING other than coins, it means that we feel relieved for having found something important, or something that we needed to know, and that is related to the meaning of what we found. It can also mean that we have become aware of a part of ourselves that we kept repressed or undeveloped.

- If we dream that we FIND SOMETHING BUT THEN WE MISS IT, it means that we have wasted an opportunity.

- To dream that WE CANNOT FIND something we are looking for, means that if we are not prudent and discreet enough, we could soon have worries and difficulties.

  • To dream that we cannot find our GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND), means that it is probable that soon we will have difficulties with her/him. It can also mean that we have not been able to fully understand it.

- If we dream that we are looking for our CELL PHONE and find gold coins, it means that if we keep trying, we will soon be able to find love (someone worthwhile), or better communication with others.

- If we dream that we find COINS, it means good fortune.

- If a woman dreams that she finds a gold RING that someone lost (an engagement ring or similar), it means that she has possibilities with the ex of a certain girl.

  • But if what she finds is a fancy ring (jewellery), then it is the ex-boyfriend of a certain girl, however, it is someone who just wants to have fun with her without getting anything serious.
  • On the other hand, if she finds both fantasy rings and gold rings, but separates the real ones from the fake ones, it means that there are several girls who lost their boyfriend, and now the dreamer has the possibility, however, she must analyze things to be able to know who they are, they just want to have fun with her and who she is, who if it suits her.

- Finding an OLD FRIEND that we haven't seen for a long time means that we will soon find the keys to end a difficult problem.

- If we dream that we find something UNDER WATER, it means that we have managed to understand the reason for our emotions, or the emotions and/or frustrations of someone else, likewise, the meaning of what we find under water can give us more details of the matter.

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