The fire is to create and destroy, we can help make different things, but also serves to destroy something, for example if we dream to our car burns means a danger, but if we burn something to dream has a bad meaning, is to get rid of that bad it means.
The fire also represents: the renewal of things, and sometimes may be associated with love.

- If AGGRESSIVE FIRE, warns about the risks might we face if we do not control our passions.

- If we BURN SOMETHING, OR SEE BURN SOMETHING, represents the destruction of that which means it burns.

Show all dream meanings of a Burn.

- WHEN THE FIRE IS CONTROLLED means affection.

- IF YOU DO NOT SHOW FEAR OF FIRE AND ADVANCED ON THE SAME, means we have a good decision, to face any obstacle in our affairs or our projects.

- IF WE FEAR THE FIRE, tells us that we should not fear to face an issue.

- If you dream of a FIREPLACE with the fire going, tells us that our happy family life goes. If smoke and ash mean trouble. If the fire is off means setbacks. And if this is the CHIMNEY of a factory announces success in our business.

- THE FLAMES represent the mind (like the flame of a candle or a campfire):

- To dream that our HOUSE BURNED down, means that there is a serious danger on us.

- Dreaming with a VEHICLE OR AN AUTOMOBILE BURNING, means trouble or danger nearby, which advises us to be prepared.

- SEE WATER AND FIREIN THE SAME DREAM, if we see, for example: fire on water, or dew that falls on the fire, which sometimes tells us to avoid danger, you need both the bright side of things, as the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm even though it appears that we are evil, for example, when someone scolds (without violence) to his son because he did something wrong, you might even feel bad about it , but it's necessary, or when we denounce a crime, because we know that someone can go to prison, but this is better than these people continue hurting others. But if someone tries to sleep off the fire, or is turned off, it means weakening and or bad fortune.

Atl-tlachinol'li sign (Water burned).

- If the FIRE BURNS WELL OR DOES NOT MUCH SMOKE, is an indication that we may suffer a betrayal of our environment or someone close to you.


- means transient joys is as small satisfactions that do not last long.
- View fireworks thundering children, means the same as above.

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