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Dreams: Fe

Sometimes in our dream we feel fear because of a movie or event that made a strong impression on us. In other cases:
- It means that in real life there is something that worries us.

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If we are in a feast, sometimes means trouble and the beginning of a difficult time.

Feat, great:
- If we dream we try to do a feat and it happens that provoke an accident in the attempt, means that we must be careful what we try to do or we are planning to do, as there is a risk that a disaster from happening or we lose control of the situation.

Feathered serpent:
It means that we have found the right path, since the serpent represents the Earth (this world) and the feathers represent Heaven, that is, this sign represents the union of Heaven and Earth.

- By the COLOR: If the feathers are white, they announce good fortune, but if they are black, it augurs problems or difficulties of money.
- If we see CROW feathers in the bed, it means that someone is trying to cause us to have health problems or with our partner.
- If in the dream we see feathers FLY, it means that we are attracted to the spiritual and we like to look for what is True in all things.

This dream tells us that someone we know, who wants to abuse our trust, so it is a call to be cautious on this point.

Fee, bus(Charge):
- If we dream that the bus arrives, but when we go up we realize that we do not bring change to pay for the passage, and for that reason we have to get off, it means that we still have to do something to be able to make a change in our life.

In this case it depends on what we feel, for example, if we feel cold, it says that we need help from others; if we feel hot, he says we will have help; if it is pain, it generally represents pain in our pride; if we feel ashamed, it says that we are enduring something for which we are not responsible, and so on.

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Feeling (Presentiment):
- If we dream that we have a feeling, it means that we are concerned about the outcome of an issue or business. It can also mean that something is about to happen, which can be good or bad.
- To dream that we travel in a car and suddenly we have a bad feeling, so we take a different path, it means that we have the option and the possibility of changing our destiny.

Feeling of falling:
- If in our dream we feel the sensation of falling, it means that something is about to change in us, either something about our personality or the way we see the world, which can be good or bad depending on the meaning of other things that we see in our dream.

If we feel our dream:
CONCERN: It means that something is wrong our affairs, which advises us analyze the situation well.
DESPAIR: This dream augurs a change in our situation will be for right. But if the dream felt so despair that even awake at that time, it means that something is not right, for what is a call to review our current situation.
ENVY: - If in our dream feel envy, indicates frustration in the realization of our projects.
FEAR: it can be caused by a movie or event that gave us a shock. In other cases:
- It means that in real life there is something that concern.
- If you constantly dream that we fear, then there is a fear that can be justified or unjustified, but we is causing too much anxiety or concern.
FRUSTRATION: If in the dream feel frustration may be caused by something is causing us much concern, and sometimes it is a signal tells us that there is a looming threat.
- If the love of a mother tells us family safety and good fortune.
GUILT: If in our dream we feel guilt, means that in real life feel guilt having to do anything that might lead to a family situation (or someone) that becomes difficult. It may also mean that someone is repressing.
- Be envied means that the evolution of our situation is positive.
HAPPINESS: If in our dreams we happy, we are told to be more realistic.
HATE: See our dream that we hate someone, it means the failure of our business or our important issues.
LONELY: If in our dream we are alone or feel lonely, it means we're a bit confused or do not have our main objectives sufficiently clear, which advises us to think well things and see what we really matter.
LOVE: - If in our dream we love means that we will succeed in love, as if a person who love with us.
- If the love of a mother tells us family safety and good fortune.
RELIEF: To feel relieved that they escaped from a danger, it means we got rid of a hazard, and while we advised that the next time we are more prudent.
SADNESS: It means the opposite, namely: Happiness.
TERROR: This dream refers to insecurity or afraid of something that concerns us.
UNCERTAINTY: - If in our dream we feel uncertainty, means that something is not is well in our affairs.

This sign tells us we are trying to hide something.

- To dream of a felled or burned mountain, means that a very difficult time is approaching, which advises us to review our current life and our attitude, in order to avoid difficulties.

- In this case the meaning depends on the color of the marker and the qualities of that particular color:
a. If it is BLUE, it means that we will have good luck in our projects.
b. If it is GOLDEN, it means that we act wisely.

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- If in our dream we see two animals of the same species and remember well that one was male and the other female, is related to love, for example: If in the dream we see two mice with long fangs (Male and female) and noticed that one of them dies, means it is very likely that our relationship is over and that bothers us too, especially because it is something that could easily be avoided (Something we can avoid controlling our temper or if we notice that something is wrong, fix it immediately as we know do).

A Ferrari car represents success and number one.
- If in our dream we see a new Ferrari, it means that others see us as young athletes, and they see us with respect and appreciation.
- If our dream is more remarkable is the logo of a Ferrari (the horse), tells us that we have the courage to face difficult battles.

Represents the distrust and suspicion of anyone.
- If in our dream we see a ferret die means that there is a danger that something negative end because of distrust and suspicion of anyone, which advises us to take the necessary precautions.

- If we dream that we walk on land with fertilizer, it means that we are doing well. It can also mean economic prosperity.

Festival, school:
To dream of a school festival means likely difficulties related to our lack of preparedness to meet the challenges and/or difficulties we face. But if it is the school festival of our children (In case we have children) mean the same as above, but it can also mean that one of our children need our support in their work or studies.

by letter.

- If we perceive a foul odor, we mean that something is not right.

- To view a fetus in our dream, tells us that we can have a break or separation of someone we love.
- To dream that we crossed the tracks of a train, and there we see the dead fetus of a black dog, means that a relative or friend who recently left this world, has failed to get to heaven because of that, when in this world made many bad actions or was an atheist.

It means we're going through hard times, either by disease, or something related to our work, spiritual, moral, or emotional. It can also be a warning that we must be cautious.

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