Sometimes in our dream we feel fear because of a movie or event that made a strong impression on us. In other cases:

- It means that in real life there is something that worries us.

- If we dream that we are AFRAID AND COLD, it represents our fear of being left alone.

- If we CONSTANTLY DREAM that we are afraid, it means that there is a fear that can be justified or unjustified, but that is causing us too much anxiety.

- If in our dream we see two GRAY PIGEONS in the bedroom, but seeing them makes us afraid (For example: Fear of being bitten), it means that we are afraid of not being able to control an issue that has to do with marriage or couple (But if who had this dream is a child, then, means fear of not being able to control or influence enough in the marriage of their parents, in the sense of not being able to influence them to avoid divorce). And if the pigeons stare at us, it is because there is something we do not know or something we are not considering.

- If we dream of a RAT with the tail longer than usual and we try to hold it to throw it out of the place, although, it happens that we do not because it scares us, it means that we have the possibility to ward off an enemy , but we need to put our fears aside.

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