- If we see a RELATIVE AS IS CURRENTLY means we have a surprise soon.

- If you dream A FAMILY THAT ALREADY DIED, BUT YOU SEE AS A LIVING PERSON, we must pay attention to your expression, so if this is angry because we feel guilty about something related to that person; if he is not angry, means that we haven’t overcome his departure. But if the dream is less simple and we see an important sign, for example: If you see in a car, avenue, we give advice, tells us something, etc., is that someone who visits us in dreams to give us a message important thing to take into account.....

Show all dream meanings of Families that already died.

- If in the dream we see someone who does not know in our waking life, but in the dream is FRIEND OF THE FAMILY, a family member or friend, it means we will have a little help to solve a difficult problem.

- If we dream that our PARENTS WANT TO KILL US, it means we feel guilty for something we did recently. It can also be a hint that tells us to stop doing something that is not good (This dream comes from the expression: “My parents will kill me”, which normally say or we said when we were doing something very wrong).

- If in our dream we see someone who is like MIXTURE OF TWO FAMILIES, (for example: A person who has the body of our brother and our nephew's head), and also see it in danger or something bad happens; means we are concerned for our family.

- If in our dream we see our MOM AND DAD, means that we are safe and well protected or that we have their support.

- If we dream that we talk on the PHONE to our family, this is a tip that tells us to seek more and better communication with them.

- If in the dream we see a relative or friend who departed from this world recently, and we SAYS COMING FROM ONE OF OUR FAMILY, to take him with him (her), it means that the soul of our family or friend is lost and depressed, so he wants someone else to die, to keep him company where he is. This dream advises us to say a prayer for that family member or friend, can soon find the way that leads to Heaven, for example, can light a candle (along with one of his photographs) and say the following prayer: “Oh God / allows the Coyolnahual / guide the soul of my (father, mother, friend, uncle, grandfather, as applicable) / to you / I promise you / be true / and make your fasting /”. The Coyolnahual is an angel among its functions is to bring the lost souls to Heaven.

- If in our dream we see one of our SMALL FAMILIES as a son, brother, nephew, cousin, etc., means that we must ensure that they are well and not having any problems we should know, for example: If we dream that one of our small family nosebleed means that we must care for more, especially in the next few days to avoid suffering an accident, such as being cut with scissors or any other sharp object.

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