This sign represents someone angry and aggressive he wants revenge on us, we will either because you did something bad, or simply because that person has too much envy us.

- If we dream that a dog with rabies BITES us, means that there is a danger that we do not get to see our desires fulfilled (Most of the time is related to a girlfriend or probably marriage) because of someone who wants revenge on us in somehow.

- Seeing a dog DIRTY AND WITH RABIES, tells us that something is not right, and it is because of someone who hates us and wants revenge somehow.

- FLEE to a rabid dog, means that we got rid of that someone wanted to harm us.

- If we dream a GREY CAT WITH RABIES represents a dangerous woman who is angry at us for something we did her or for something to she believes to we did, and she wants to hurt us in any way.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW WITH RABIES means to that person is very angry and wants revenge on us.

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